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Museums and exhibitions get the digital and 3D treatment

NEW YORK--Last May 3, the NY Tech Meetup featured 10 startups with founders barely out of college or high school sharing the stage with other more matured founders at the monthly event held at NYU Skirball Theater.  The night showcased how digital wizardry is also becoming part of museums and various exhibitions nowadays.  

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Food startups rely on your mood, preferences at AlleyBoost

NEW YORK--AlleyBoost is one of the few tech meetups in the city that almost always starts on time, precisely because it’s set up like a class, complete with school desks and a blackboard. But that’s also because it’s often held at Mercy College where Professor Wazi holds fort as moderator. It’s a classroom for stasrtups.    

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Finsight, Empirasign and Algomi present at New Finance

NEW YORK—Fintech meetups are becoming more popular in the city. Last April 27, New Finance hosted a meetup featuring Leo Efstathiou, founder and CEO at Finsight; Adam Murphy, founder and CEO at Empirasign Strategies and Ruby Saleh at Algomi at the new co-working space Rise.  

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The story behind Just Not Sorry’s 100,000 downloads in a month

  NEW YORK-- If you haven’t heard Just Not Sorry, don’t be sorry for yourself. The gmail plugin helps email users avoid using “just”, “sorry” and other weak words that undermine your message. It makes sure to strip out the highlighting before you hit send. In a month’s time, the app was downloaded 100,000 times, thanks to a healthy dose of media coverage that included morning TV shows and publishing sites.  

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Experts’ advice: Start early on new social networks, reach out to influencers

  NEW YORK--You won’t find a meetup that dissects each social network these days but last April 20, AlleyBoost did just that in its talk, “Social Media Done Right” featuring Courtney Spritzer, co-founder and COO of Socialfly; Jeongwoon Eun, founder of Tigerwon; and Pavel Konoplenko, co-founder and CEO of Spoiled Media at Workville near Times Square. The panelists came up with several suggestions on how to get the word out there amid the noise in social networks, highlighting the importance of an influencer strategy and why it’s important to be an early adopter in a new social network.  

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The fastest way to an emerging tech company’s heart is through its venture capitalist.

Such has been the modus operandi of Jack Petrie, the President of who has amassed a list of clients that reads like a veritable who’s who of Silicon Alley. He’s found these clients through contacts and clients of his in venture capital.

“I [find] that usually I can connect the dots with a lot of these companies with relationships I have with V.C. firms and people I have met through the community,” said Mr. Petrie, 50.

PulsePoint, Clearspring and Jingle Networks have all found new office space through the aid of Mr. Petrie.

Young firms like Sailthru, a behavioral email marketing service, and GramercyOne, a cloud-based software development firm, recently secured seed money from venture capitalists and tabbed Mr. Petrie to find them 15,000 square feet and 5,000 square feet of office space, respectively.

He helped Amazon expand to 60,000 square feet of space at 1350 Avenue of the Americas this year—and the online retail giant is counting on him for future growth... view more