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Q. Where is the NYC neighborhood "NoMad" located?

A.  There’s Soho and Noho, but NoMad? It sounds like a joke. Perhaps it doesn’t help NoMad’s cause that it’s home to the Museum of Sex and the New York Comedy Club. But NoMad does reside in New York, the land of, well, many nomads. Our nomads are different, though: they can’t bear the thought of leaving. The moniker is short for north of Madison Square Park; no relation to peripatetic gypsies. The name first appeared in a New York Times piece called “The Trendy Discover NoMad Land, and Move In” in 1999.  

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Q. Where is the NYC neighborhood "Meatpacking District" located?

A. The Meatpacking District is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan, which runs roughly from West 14th Street south to Gansevoort Street and from the Hudson River east to Hudson Street.

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Pulling Back the Kimono on Real Estate Brokerage Commissions

Q. If a commercial landlord pays the brokerage fees, isn’t this a conflict-of-interest for a tenant’s broker (and is the tenant going to get “screwed”)?  

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Q. Where is the NYC neighborhood "Flatiron District" located?

A. The "Flatiron District" is named after the iconic Flatiron Building (175 Fifth Avenue) and refers to the blocks east and west of Fifth Avenue between Union Square and Madison Square.

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Q. Where is the NYC street “Avenue of the Americas” located?

A. If you’ve been to or live in New York, you must know Sixth Avenue was renamed to Avenue of the Americas in 1945. Today, most people still use the short numbered name. Now, if you want to test this, take a New York cab or one of those ride-sharing car services and ask the driver what they call this busy thoroughfare.

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The fastest way to an emerging tech company’s heart is through its venture capitalist.

Such has been the modus operandi of Jack Petrie, the President of who has amassed a list of clients that reads like a veritable who’s who of Silicon Alley. He’s found these clients through contacts and clients of his in venture capital.

“I [find] that usually I can connect the dots with a lot of these companies with relationships I have with V.C. firms and people I have met through the community,” said Mr. Petrie, 50.

PulsePoint, Clearspring and Jingle Networks have all found new office space through the aid of Mr. Petrie.

Young firms like Sailthru, a behavioral email marketing service, and GramercyOne, a cloud-based software development firm, recently secured seed money from venture capitalists and tabbed Mr. Petrie to find them 15,000 square feet and 5,000 square feet of office space, respectively.

He helped Amazon expand to 60,000 square feet of space at 1350 Avenue of the Americas this year—and the online retail giant is counting on him for future growth... view more