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Quinones, Zenna stand out as speakers at Market New York Expo

NEW YORK--The Market New York Expo for small businesses last May 21 at the Javits Center featured several talks on branding, email marketing, digital sales and mobile marketing. What stood out for us were the talks on Search Engine Optimization by Ruben Quinones, NYU adjunct instructor and VP, Client Strategy at Path Interactive and Mobile Marketing by Warren Zenna, EVP & Managing Director at Mobext (Havas Media).

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FlyLabs announce new app, Tempo, for altering video time speeds

NEW YORK--FlyLabs has wowed audiences at the NY Tech Meetup months back and at the NY Video Meetup last May 20, it again drew some ecstatic applause for its video-editing apps, Fly, Clips and its new one called Tempo, a quick way to alter video time speeds.

May 24, 2015 | Events & Recaps | comment (0)’s Sheila Marcelo talks about her success in elderly and child care space

NEW YORK--Last May 14, PandoMonthly hosted a one-on-one interview with Sheila Marcelo, CEO and co-founder of who talked at length about her Filipino roots and how the influence of her “Tiger mom” and the discipline they inculcated in her formed a big part of her success now.  

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How to Hire the Right Commercial Real Estate Broker!

Commercial real estate brokers are in abundant supply and accordingly it can be difficult to understand the need for and the differences between various brokers.   While a tenant is not required to use a commercial broker, the fees for the broker are paid by the landlord, so it doesn’t cost to employ their expertise.  Most landlords would prefer that a tenant didn’t use a broker - they want to negotiate against a novice.  It isn’t just about saving on the brokers fee, it’s also to avoid changes to the boilerplate lease document, which is extremely pro-landlord.  In fact, a competent broker can improve the landlord’s proposed terms by an amount in excess of the commission paid by the landlord.

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Up close with New York's first CTO Minerva Tantoco

Minerva Tantoco, New York City’s first-ever chief technology officer (CTO), said she pretty much created every job she had at the StartupGrind meetup last May 7.  

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The fastest way to an emerging tech company’s heart is through its venture capitalist.

Such has been the modus operandi of Jack Petrie, the President of who has amassed a list of clients that reads like a veritable who’s who of Silicon Alley. He’s found these clients through contacts and clients of his in venture capital.

“I [find] that usually I can connect the dots with a lot of these companies with relationships I have with V.C. firms and people I have met through the community,” said Mr. Petrie, 50.

PulsePoint, Clearspring and Jingle Networks have all found new office space through the aid of Mr. Petrie.

Young firms like Sailthru, a behavioral email marketing service, and GramercyOne, a cloud-based software development firm, recently secured seed money from venture capitalists and tabbed Mr. Petrie to find them 15,000 square feet and 5,000 square feet of office space, respectively.

He helped Amazon expand to 60,000 square feet of space at 1350 Avenue of the Americas this year—and the online retail giant is counting on him for future growth... view more