After Sandy, Make A Plan To Run Your Business And Find Office Space In NYC

Prepare For Future Disasters With A Plan To Protect Your Office Space In NYC

If you thought that an occasional snow storm was the biggest natural disaster your business could face, Hurricane Sandy probably changed your mind. The storm that devastated the New Jersey Shore also brought flooding, power outages, subway and airline interruption, widespread closings, and shipping and mail stoppages to many boroughs in New York City and beyond for several days or more. Many were flooded out of their office space in NYC and even their home offices.

Protect Your Office Space In NYC – And Your Cyberspace

Due to changing weather patterns, hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes are striking closer to home than ever. Whether you consider this the result of global warming or a random Act of God, one thing is clear: you’d better have a backup plan in place in case your business is interrupted. What would happen to your business if your physical space, your computers, or your online capabilities were damaged or destroyed by wind, fire, flood, or vandalism?

Most businesses today require both physical space and cyberspace - with the technology to bridge the two. Even if your business is small, you need some physical space to conduct it. This may be from a home office or rented space or even from a local coffee shop with Wi-Fi, where you have your phone, your computer, and any supplies you need.

Preparing For Unplanned Business Interruption

To prepare for emergencies, your plan should consider potential areas of loss. Your business checklist should include:

How do you guard against loss of records and data? You should keep duplicate records of important physical documents, either in paper or electronic form. For better protection, you should keep some records offsite, maybe even in a safety deposit box or secure document storage facility. As for your data, you should do frequent backups and have the data available off-site by a data storage firm. If your company is small, you can access widely available, affordable Cloud storage.

How would you run your business if your location needed repair or if you were without power? You might close for a couple days if that is all the time needed to retain power or workspace, but for a longer term problem caused by a natural disaster, you need to temporarily rent office space in NYC. In a temp space, you can keep employees working and your business operating. A good tenant representation firm can often even find furnished quarters on short notice.

How can you sustain the long-term impact of loss? Your business insurance agent can suggest several types of coverage that can compensate for various types of losses so that you can replace equipment, pay extra expenses for relocation, and even be protected from the losses of business interruption. You might even need special insurance to protect again floods and earthquakes depending on your business's physical location.

As a business owner, you may not want to think about how a natural disaster could impact your business, but as Hurricane Sandy has recently shown, trouble does not just come to those who are prepared. Now is the time to review you insurance coverage with your agent, develop and implement a plan to backup and store your data and records, and anticipate how and where you would temporarily relocate your business.

If you find yourself needing to find office space for rent in Manhattan or the surrounding area after the recent upheaval, Office Lease Center can help.