Among presenters in Breakfast meetup, Pager is Tinder for doctors

NEW YORK--“It’s Tinder for doctors,” says Toby Hervey about his app, on-demand house-call doctors. He was one of the presenters that included Ulula, Kiddo App and Domain Skate last October 20 at the NY Tech Breakfast at Microsoft.


In most demonstrations in tech meetups, you’ll see the presenter themselves trying on the product while the audience watch how his app or site works. If your product is an on-demand service, try having another miked-up person interact with the app as if he’s the user and he’s experiencing the app on the spot. That’s what Pager did in its presentation--and it helped the app make its point clearly. It’s an app that can get you a house-call doctor.


Currently only offered in New York’s boroughs and some areas in San Francisco, Pager is currently an out-of-pocket service but there is reportedly a reimbursement option.It’s better to clarify later with Pager as it’s common to see changes in policies as apps iterate quickly these days. Prescription orders are reportedly delivered within an hour.


“The cost structure is transparent. It’s $200 now but it’s not that expensive. It will cost you $135 when you go to a doctor now. Costs pile up (when you see a doctor),” he said. Doctors, most of them general practitioners, are recruited and asked to be listed in the app.


Kiddo App presented next. It’s a family calendar app designed to make it simple to manage everyday family life.  


“We don’t plan to monetize data,” said Tzvia Bader in response to question about privacy for their children. She came up with the app to address a market size of $140 million for parents. It’s available on Android and iOS.


Presenting last, Howard Greenstein showed DomainSkate, an intellectual property and brand security protection for business.


He addressed the current security threats online and how rampant identity theft is, pointing out one instance where a site mimicked Bloomberg and stole $275 million worth of information. With DomainSkate, he said you can “manage and mitigate your problem with malware”   


Ulula was in the list but did not present.


The event was sponsored by DLA Piper (NYC),  DonQuiSoft, Fairfax County EDA, Fiverr - Grassi & Co., KISSPatent, Nexus Staff, Rainbow Broadband and SimilarWeb.