April 10th, 2014 How Your Startup Can Build a Scalable Outbound Sales Machine


On Thursday April 10 2014, OLC Attended the Senators Club meetup in San Francisco at RocketSpace where Aaron Ross talked about how to build a scalable outbound sales machine.

I started my sales experience while working at Salesforce.com. I eventually created a team that enabled them to increase their revenue to 100 million.

There are a few fatal mistakes that you should avoid when building your outbound sales machine.

Fatal mistake 1:

Pick a niche to get rich. Ask yourself, “What are you good at?” Figure it out and focus on it. Don't worry about the rest of the stuff, for now.

Fatal mistake 2:

There seems to be this thought that every business has is, if I simply hire more sales associates, I will increase my sales. When in fact, this is not true, especially in Silicon Valley.

If your lead generation is bad it will reflect your growth. Lead generation is key to understand and work out.

Three types of leads:

1 seeds - word of mouth

2 nets - marketing

3 Spears - outbound sales

Fatal mistake 3:

Creating a lead next generation scalable social platform. You need to think about, “What do customers want? Then improve your messaging around their wants. How do you actually help your customers? Remember you want to sell ideas, not stuff!

Fatal Mistake 4:

Sales people should not be prospecting! Why? Most likely, they aren't good at it and they don’t like it. In same cases, it’s also not repeatable.

Fatal Mistake 5:

What does it take to scale a team? If your salespeople are turnover rate is high, perhaps it’s not the people you are hiring, but your sales system. It might be best for you to farm/create your own talent. You can’t always just hire ‘great’ sales associates.