April 15th, 2014 Startups Are Hard: Keeping it Real with Ben Horowitz

On Tuesday, April 15, OLC attended “Startups Are Hard: Keeping it Real with Ben Horowitz” held at AlleyNYC, the evening kicked a solid Q&A hosted by The Phat Startup. Lightening pitches from the audience were followed by a discussion with Ben Horowitz, investor, entrepreneur and author of “The Hard Thing About Hard Things,” and was made possible by sponsor Phone.com. 

Horowitz spoke honestly about running a company. “There’s a big knowledge gap between what you know and what someone giving you advice knows,” he said. The key is remembering that “all the decisions are yours…if you defer to them, you are no longer the leader.” Lasting points of advice? “Don’t quit. Don’t hide.” For more on the event, visit: http://www.thephatstartup.com/ben/