April 16th, 2014 Inno/Vention Demo Day @Spotify HQ


On Wednesday, April 16, OLC attended “Inno/Vention Demo Day” held at the Spotify Headquarters located at 45 W. 18th Street, Fl 7, New York, NY. This was the final demo for NYU’s startup prototyping competition and included six startups vying for the prize. The judging panel included Frank Rimalovski, Executive Director of the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute, Lucas Nelson, Principal at DFJ Gotham, Owen Davis, Managing Director of NYC Seed, Micah Kotch, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at NYU School of Engineering, Alexander Pease, Analyst at Union Square Ventures, and Chris Snyder, Biz Dev Manager for NYU OIL. Below is a brief rundown of the startups showcasing.

SensD (http://sensd.com)

With a focus on cyclists, SensD provides navigation through a haptic wearable device over traditional screens.

Skinesiology (http://sinesiology.com)

Interested in burning extra calories while on the go? Skinesiology provides functional fitness apparel that does just this.

C^3 Robotics (http://c3robotics.com)

Geared towards summer camps, C^3 Robotics motto is “The blank canvas of robotics,” a tool that saves money on materials and teaches children all they need to know about robotics. 

Urlinq (http://urlinq.com)

Urlinq is a software platform that provides academic circles a social network between faculty and students. 

PeekBITE (http://peekbite.com)

The winner of the evening’s demo, PeekBITE is “Seamless for sit-in restaurants.” Want to preview what you order ahead of time? PeekBITE allows you to do so, while streamlining the POS system for the restaurant. 

Realeyes (http://realeyes.com)

Realeyes is a website offering new lines of makeup for traditionally marginalized members in the fashion market.