April 17th, 2013 Penn Digital Ignite

On Wednesday April 17, OLC attended the Penn Digital Ignite event. The event was held at Softbank Capital and featured eight presenters: Dick Talens, Co-Founder of Fitocracy; Keya Danenbaum, Co-founder at ElecNext; Asif Rahman, Chief Architect at NewsCred; Lucina Duncalfe, Founder and CEO, Real Food Works; Tedd Mann, CEO of SnipSnap; Matt Myers, CEO of Tidal Labs; Marjan Ghara, Founder and CEO, BiblioNasium; and Jordan Elpern-Waxman, Founder and CEO, BeerDreamer.

Presenters had a mere five minutes to present and detail their company.


Lucinda Duncalfe began the evening’s presentations with her company Real Food Works. Duncalfe believes that “what we eat is killing us.” She detailed the four biggest aspects of food: nutrition, aesthetics, social and emotional. Real Food Works partners with local chefs to make and deliver wholesome and good-for-you food. Clients are able to customize their menus, as well as their deliveries.


Next, Ted Mann and his company Snip Snap presented. Born from the stress and hassle of always forgetting his store coupons, Mann created an app that allows users to snap pictures of their coupons and organize them—keeping them always on hand. “84 percent of consumers forget their coupons,” he stressed. This app also lets users share and search coupons, creating a crowdsourced coupon database.


Asif Rahman presented his company NewsCred, which powers content marketing for leading brands. NewsCred aims to “save journalism.” Rahman pointed out that these days, “everyone is a publisher, including brands.” Brands are not sure exactly what to say, so NewsCred lends a hand. They possess the “technology necessary to filter and curate relevant content; the publishing tools needed to design and build campaigns with speed and scale.”


Matt Myers spoke on behalf of Tidal Labs on the issue of Advertising is Dying; What's Replacing It? He detailed how traditional advertising is disappearing, being replaced with owned and earned media. “Brands are hiring bloggers, creating content and more,” said Myers.


Next to present was Keya Danenbaum, Co-founder and CEO, at ElectNext. Danenbaum spoke passionately about her experience helping with political campaigns, after several years pursuing academia. She explained how she came to realize that “all politics are local.” ElectNext hopes to empower good political information to lead to participation.


Marjan Ghara, Founder and CEO of BiblioNasium, presented next. She explained that matching children with their perfect book was much like fitting them for the perfect shoe. When children are matched with a book appropriate for their reading level, they read more. BiblioNasium helps kids keep track of their books, as well as find the next great book to read.


Wrapping up the presentations was Jordan Elpern-Waxman, Founder and CEO at BeerDreamer. “Everything we’ve known about beer is from Madison Ave,” he declared. BeerDreamer “delivers perfect pairings of the best in craft beer and artisanal food.” Elpern-Waxman detailed different falsehoods regarding beer, including the premise that beer be served cold. Cold actually reduces the flavor in beer. BeerDreamer seeks to provide high quality products that still fit with a “foodie” lifestyle.