April 17th, 2014 Stream Web and Infomous were among top presenters at Columbia Business School


New York’s tech startup scene has nightly hour-long meetups that serves as both entertainment and fund-raising ventures, but Columbia Business School’s Startup Demo Night #23 (media and entertainment) last April 17 took it to another level.


The university probably broke the record for the longest tech startup meetup in New York since last year. For four hours starting at 6 p.m., 11 startups in the entertainment and media space presented to six investors providing feedback. Networking followed.


Stream Web and Infomous stood out among all the 11 presenters. 


The new Stream Web is a web browser app for iOS packed with great features like dual browsing, but founder Paul Canetti, with the limited presentation time, showed only the Stream. Think how instead of a URL link to share you copy and paste an image as a URL.


It’s simple to use. You cut out anything on the screen with two fingers and paste to share on your social networks, email, SMS or save for later. The clip itself is a link.


“URLS are ugly and outdated. We've created a new modern standard that utilizes the essentials of the mobile experience: Visual, social, gesture-based,” Canetti said. 


Infomous turns text into an interactive visualization that gives users an instant snapshot of what is trending


Lori Cheek of Cheekd, who appeared on ABC 7’s Shark Tank recently but did not get funding from any of the show’s sharks, is not one to be easily discouraged.


Her business idea is about how for the easily intimated, old-school calling cards with clever pick-up lines, can help the opposite sexes connect with each other.  In about 10 weeks, she said she will have an app version.


The other startup presenters were Metodi Filipov, co-founder of Flipps Media; Nathaniel Casey, co-founder and CEO of Blaztrak; Waywire’s Javier Soto and David Larkin, founder and CEO of GoWatchIt.


The second leg of the presentations consisted of John Weinstein, founder and CEO of YouAreTV, Jeb Balise, CEO of Puzzle Social and Michael Jaschke, co-founder and CEO at 48Bricks Inc. Infomous, a recent favorite in another meetup, was presented by its whip-smart founder and CEO, Paolo Gaudiano. Katerina Vorotova presented Try the World. 


The investors who came in to provide feedback and advice were Neil Chheda, angel investor & managing partner at Romuls Capital; Jeff Pulver, angel investor & co-founder & chairman at Zula; Giordano Bruno Contestabile, angel investor & VP of product management and revenue at Tilting Point, Claude Zdanow, angel investor and founder and CEO of Stadiumred and lawyer Jonathan Maisel.