April 7th, 2014 Girls Changing the Entrepreneurial Landscape


On Monday, April 7th, OLC attended the “Girls Raising April Event” held at the XO Group at 195 Broadway, New York, NY. The evening was made possible by AlleyWatch and featured presentations by a variety of women founders and a panel of female entrepreneurial trailblazers including Carley Roney, Founder & COO of XO Group Inc., Natalia Oberti Noguera, Founder & CEO of Pipeline Fellowship, Soraya Dorabi, Founder of Zady, and Reshma Saujani, Founder of Women Who Code. Below is a brief rundown of the startups presenting.

Clycked (http://www.clycked.com)

Clycked reinvisions online dating by having couples meet through mutual friends rather than blind online matches.

Yarly (http://www.yarly.co)

Yarly is a mobile app sharing album helping to connect friends and family through shared photos.

SimpleTherapy (http://www.simpletherapy.com)

SimplyTherapy is a home video tutorial program providing home exercise therapy to users in their home to help relieve common aches and pains. 

Availendar (http://www.availendar.com)

Availendar reinvisions event planning as a tool that matches available vendors with potential and interested clientele.


Kukopa meaning “to borrow” in Swahili helps ladies rent their wardrobe from their very own closets.