August 13th, 2013 #Rethink Value with Neil Capel

On August 13, 2013, Neil Capel spoke at Grind about his development of Sailthru’s technology and how it is leading the marketing industry with its implementation of Smart Data while also completely altering the marketing landscape in the process.
Neil Capel, one of New York’s most influential and coolest technology leaders, is also the founder and CEO of Sailthru. Sailthru focuses on the user and works to solve a common problem: the lack of consumer engagement with a brand. Sailthru’s unique Smart Data technology changes the current relationship between the customer and brand to further personalize the communication and experience for each and every customer. With Sailthru, no two customers will ever experience a brand in the same way. The most essential key is to deliver what the customer wants in order to keep them around.
Companies should always of the user first before the campaign. After all, the user is who generates the revenue and income. A customer’s lifecycle can be managed by Sailthru’s lifecycle management tools which automatically deploys relevant engagement strategies to nurture relationships throughout different stages of the cycle. The “personal shopping experience” that used to only exist in small boutique and neighborhood stores is now being transferred over to the e-commerce platform by new-age marketers in order to change the dialogue between brands and customers while also engaging them with the brand. Sailthru allows businesses and companies to not only collect data on consumer behavior, but also enables them to understand, predict and engage each consumer on an individual and personalized level.
With Sailthru, a business can learn about their users’ preferences and activity on the web, such as browsing, cart behavior, and clicks--all from their very first visit. By understanding their users’ behavior, businesses can tailor how they communicate with their customers, and thus, the relationships between businesses and individuals will become more meaningful and long-lasting.
Sailthru has helped businesses by increasing their users’ customer lifetime-value, time on-site, and ROI (in many cases over 200%). Over 280 companies, AOL, Huffington Post,, Thrillist, and Open Sky, to name a few, have benefited from using Sailthru to acquire and keep long-lasting and meaningful relationships with each their customers.