August 13th, 2014 Storytelling: In the Weeds

On Wednesday, August 13th, OLC attended “Storytelling: In the Weeds” held at the beautiful spaces of Farmigo’s loft. Tucked away along the Gowanus canal, the offices boast wide open spaces located in the Gowanus Industrial Arts Complex at 53 9th Street in Brooklyn New York. 

A number of speakers for all things food shared their personal stories growing a business out of a passion. Each storyteller was posed with one question: “As an entrepreneur in New York City, what have you learned about nurturing a business from nothing into something?” A slew of colorful stories followed suit including combatting the fear of bears to travels far and wide in search of fish to build into a sustainable, scalable business.

Part of Farmigo’s monthly FoodHacker series, Farmigo’s mission is dedicated to intersection of food, technology and community. Below is a brief rundown of each entrepreneur ‘in the weeds.’ 

Brooklyn Cured (

Scott Bridi, Chef and owner of Brooklyn Cured, also Gramercy Tavern’s chef de charcuterie, sources locally and regionally for his meats. Bridi offers amongst other delightful products, savory organic sausages to the public. 

Sea to Table (

Sean Dimin founded Sea to Table, with a mission “to connect fishermen to chefs.” Sea to Table acts as a boutique distributor delivering seafood fresh from artisanal fishers directly to chefs linking small scale sustainable wild fisheries. 

Gotham Greens (

Viraj Puri is the Co-Founder of Gotham Greens. As a co-founder, he runs commercial scale greenhouse facilities in urban areas such as New York City to produce fresh vegetable production in urban areas. They are pioneering urban agriculture in New York State growing premium quality herbs and vegetables.