August 21st, 2014 PitchForce

On Thursday August 21st, 2014, OLC attended a PitchForce’s event in San Francisco. A handful of companies presented to a panel of judges where they receive real time feedback and a potential in person second meeting with an investor.

Cloudbase3 is a platform where they want to be the go-to place if you have a cloudbase problem for your business. You can consult with thousands of cloud building professionals. If you feel they have the skills needed, you can hire them to help build and or manage the project.

It’s currently in beta but will be launching this September 2014.

Flow State Media is a Facebook game developing company. They currently have two games you can play, Letter Up and Candy Cane Casino. They aim at building great, beautiful games that keep a steady flow of interactions. They realize playing other similar games you can end up waiting for someone to play their turn. They want to end this pain point. Both games are currently live.

Groopie is trying to change the content collaboration game with mobile devices. With Groopie, you can invite multiple people to record their version of your night out, a birthday party, dinner or whatever you do in your life. From there, you can cut and edit all the footage from everyone's perspective to create one cool video clip to share.

Samuli Koski-Lamni, CEO, was there to talk about Guardingo. While home protection is growing in popularity, they wanted to make it easier and with a device you already have in the house. Guardino uses your current wifi signal and a mobile device to track movement around the house and trigger an alarm.

Guardino stands out because there is no extra hardware involved, just their app and a charged device.

Laura Moreno, CEO & Partner, was there to talk about Ladada. Ladada is a new way to online shop. You pay a nominal subscription fee and they send you a box full of 4 to 5 items and you keep what you want and send the rest back. The more you use the service they more they understand your personal style and taste.

Ladada can help the busy woman who likes to have a surprise show up at their door once a month.

Martin Marino wants to bring back the handcrafted purses but at a reasonable price. Not only are their bags handcrafted, but they are also 100% customizable with about a 4 to 6 week turnout from order to delivery. All their bags are handmade in Italy. While they are currently focusing on women’s bags, they will most likely be expanding their product line to some mens belts and wallets.

Marco Cavali, Co-Founder, was there to talk about Saphibeat. As more people are getting more adventurous, accidents still happen outdoors. While still an early prototype, you attach their device to your helmet and it detects any major collisions or impact.

If you’re out mountain biking and somehow crash and get knocked-out, their device will send a signal to your phone which will then trigger an alert to people you have selected. It will let them know you’re in trouble and share your location.

Siva Cycle has created a device called the Atom that stores energy into a battery while you ride your bike. The power generated by your back tire spinning pushes energy to this device so when you’re not riding, you can use it to charge any of your device while on the go. The big perk is it’s renewable energy that is not lost. Always have a charged battery the more you ride your bike.

SmartyPans is the world's first smart pan. You sync the pan up with their mobile app and it lets you know how much ingredients to put in, if the pan is too hot and the optimal cooking time. It helps take the guess work and extra steps of measuring ingredients. When the meal is done, it tells you the total calorie consumption as well.