August 4th, 2014 NY Tech Meetup

Is ringly the smallest wearable? Is Zenly’s video-only format going to change how we check an apartment rental? Is Slidejoy too similar to Locket the way it uses the lock screen to show ads?

Can Caliber compete against Linkedin? Can Zola modernize the wedding registry? Can Social Rank help you understand your followers? Can my minifactory compete against other 3D companies?

Can Thomson Reuters make us excited about tax season? Can Mongo DB’s new single-click provisioning of its new on Amazon EC2 the way to go?

Having the answers to these questions can mean making it or not.

Last August 4, the NY Tech Meetup gave these startups an opportunity to demonstrate how they can make it out there.  Even two established companies in Mongo DB and Thomson Reuters joined in.

Zola looks ready to hit it big. Now engaged couples can create full customizable registry with a great looking site. The people behind it are former Gilt employees.

Talking about weddings got us “ringly.”

Perhaps the smallest wearable, ringly’s rings beam different colored lights that you can set for phone calls, text messages, and other notifications. Women will not need to take out their phones from their purse.

The rings look stylish and luxurious enough for Holly Golightly to forgo breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Slidejoy, which also makes use of the lock screen like Locket, claims that it can make you earn money every time you unlock the phone screen.  It needs to be tested.

Also looks interesting to test are My minifactory’s free files, supposedly all ready to 3D print as well as Zenly’s rentals. They serve as the brokers too. What can set apart Zenly from others is how you can schedule a go-see on their site—with no need for a phone as one does with a broker.

Two other startups are social.

Optimizing connections is what Caliber’s team aims to do. The founders say the more you use it the more it becomes relevant. it sounds like similar to the other presenter, SocialRank, which says it can deliver better understanding of social followers. The difference is SocialRank also offers the service to brands.