August 4th, 2014 Startup Dream Team Speaker Series with Roger Dickey!

On Monday August 4th, 2014, OLC attended the Startup House where they had entrepreneur, Roger Dickey, speak about his personal experiences with starting a company.

“I thought Facebook was going to be the next Google back in 2006” Roger Dickey said. Roger wanted to work there and tried to get hired but only passed 3 out of the 8 puzzles for devs. I didn’t get the job, but that’s okay.

Over the coming years Roger payed attention to Facebook and realized they were going to be a massive ad platform. One day they finally announced they were opening their ad platform. Roger left his job right away.

Once quitting his job he started making Facebook apps. Roger spent a good amount of time at Zynga and help build Mafia Wars after the success I had with Dope Wars.

We were able to generate  about a million dollars a year in revenue with about 2.3 million users.

Roger then helped Zynga run some international games and helped with some angel investing.

I want to talk about two things:

1) How to choose your idea

When Roger left Zynga, he partnered with another guy who was in the social gaming place. We both had similar stories and skills and solid networks. - we had a positive and aggressive attitude. This worked with with our particular business.

What Rogers suggests is, make a list of things you are really good at. Make sure you are really really good at least a few of those. if not, then you may not want to start that company.

2) How to raise money

When Roger first started his company in Texas he didn’t even think that he created and or we needed money. In retrospect he wishes they would of thought of and we could have raised money and got more employees way earlier on. While you want to do what you can with as little as money as possible, having funding helps attract high quality talent.

If you’re starting your first company you should have a business you can bootstrap. If you can’t bootstrap it but you may not want to start that business.