August 5th, 2014 Startup Weekend NYC: Fireside Chat with Zach, CEO & Co-Founder of Codecademy

On Tuesday, August 5th, OLC attended “Fireside Chat with Zach, CEO & Co-Founder of Codecademy” held at the AppNexus offices located at 19 W. 22nd St., 4th Floor in New York City. Startup Weekend hosted the event moderated by Brian O’Kelley, CEO & Co-Founder of AppNexus.

During the conversation, Brian posed a number of questions to Zach about his journey as a startup entrepreneur. He asked a variety of questions including how he decided to found an education startup dedicated to teaching programming skills having gone to school as a liberal arts student himself. Zach spoke about the evolution and challenges he now faces as a startup founder and the variety of roles he plays each day ranging from team building, to balancing time management and to putting out constant startup fires. Codecademy offers free online resources educating anyone interested in how to code. Zach’s accomplishments are inspiring. His initial desire in wanting to learn how to build a website now teaches over 24 million students around the world how to build their own amongst a plethora of tech skills.