August 6th, 2014 The 12 Hot NYC Startups That Killed It at DreamIt Demo Day

DreamIt Ventures recently had its annual NYC Class Demo Day, presenting the top startups-to-watch in NYC right now. The DreamIt Ventures accelerator motto is: “Give extraordinary teams access to the resources they need to create exceptional companies.” We were pleased to help with their valuable resources and provide the office space where these startups worked out of during the summer accelerator. 

Their hard work paid off, with the following 12 startups featured at Demo Day 2014, as the fourth NYC DreamIt Ventures graduate class:

1) Acorn is a reminder app that allows users to send notes or reminders that are time or location-sensitive to their own mobile devices or friends’ devices. For example, if you created a shopping list of ingredients to pick up for dinner in the morning, your phone will send a push notification to remind you of your shopping list when you’re passing the grocery store on your way home from work by accessing your geo-location.

2) Balloon is a mobile app that helps friends find out what activities one another is partaking in and helps them meet up. Users in close proximity of each other receive a push notification regarding the upcoming event and can RSVP to join in on the fun.

3) Bar & Club Stats is an app that harness the data that ID scanners produce. At nightclubs, bars and beyond, ID scanners are used to verify age wherever alcohol, tobacco and marijuana is sold. The app collects anonymous data to see the number of repeat customers, average age and distribution, gender split, and patron flow all in the name of better understanding consumer behavior and demographics.

4) Browsy is an online marketplace for fashion products that users have identified with an intent-to-purchase on Pinterest. Currently, when consumers create fashion boards on Pinterest, there is no easy way to purchase right away. Browsy solves this problem by integrating a purchasing path from pinning to buying.

5) Fiestah is an online marketplace for planning events, bringing together event organizers and vendors of every kind, from florists to caterers to everything in between. The app also provides event planning tools and helpful organizers to stay on budget. It is a dual marketplace, with value being added to both the vendors and end consumers.

6) Investormill is the easiest and most efficient method to find and chart economic data from trusted sources. Competing with high-priced solutions such as Bloomberg and Haver Analytics, Investormill comes in at a fraction of the cost, disrupting the financial information market.

7) PicSell is a mobile app that allows users to sell items across various purchasing platforms through just one set-up process and for the best price. Users upload photos and information to PicSell and the app does the rest. The PicSell algorithm will compare pricing and release the item for the highest price using a rating on multiple marketplaces. By taking a percentage of the final sale, PicSell ensures that they are also rooting for your item to sell at the highest price.

8) Slidebean allows its users to create stunning presentations in much less time than the creation of a PowerPoint or KeyNote presentation. Slidebean comes with pre-set slide layouts, providing quality design so that the user can focus on content. They offer a free version for public viewing as well as private projects for a nominal fee.

9) SuperSolver allows patrons at restaurant write negative feedback/complaints in real time so restaurants can fix them before negative reviews appear on Yelp and other social media networks. SuperSolver provides this direct consumer to business communication loop through technology so people can receive immediate feedback in place of publicly stating complaints on Twitter or the like.

10) Tourlandish is an on-demand marketplace for local activities and experiences; travelers can book last-minute tours, activities and experiences all in less than one minute. Tourlandish currently offers food tours, walking tours, cruises, and theater tickets. Their niche market is specifically last minute planning, so don’t be disappointed if you can’t book their awesome deals a week in advance.

11) Uvore allows users to order and pay for meals at their own convince and speed. Rather having to wait for a waiter at a crowded restaurant, users just open up the Uvore app and are ready to go. Uvore is not only beneficial to the consumer, but also the restaurant in that they won’t be missing out on business – such as that extra glass of wine or the spontaneous desert.

12) Zairge is disrupting the hotel management industry with its modern could-based, intuitive systems. Zairge is a very simple drag and drop interface that only requires a tablet and is affordable at a subscription of $5 a room for an establishment compared to current systems. The simple interface frees up hotel staff to provide that friendly personal service guests appreciate, rather than fumbling around on a computer screen for ages. Guests are able to self check-in as well for their convenience.

We are looking forward to seeing these companies take off and enhance the NYC tech ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates on #NYTech from our blog.