Commercial Office Spaces & More: Key Ways Business Are Catering To The Current Workforce


It's no secret that, in order to procure the most talented workforce available in the marketplace, employers need to offer staff a comprehensive range of workplace differentiators. These workplace distinctions not only ensure that they hire the best and brightest, but also help organizations to retain once they've joined the team. Just when business owners thought that they had their fingers planted firmly on the pulse of what GenX and Y'ers were seeking at their places of business, the Millennial employees came of age and joined the mix. These three particular generations have revamped the way that business properties operate and what they offer their employees like no other workforce before them. If you're looking to cater to this particular employee faction and recruit heavily from this talent pool, it's important to ensure that you have so much more to offer these workers than simply a paycheck.



Commercial Office Spaces: An Important Consideration For Staff

The commercial office spaces where your staff will convene plays a major role in their decision to take the job. While previous generations may have considered factors such as distance to home, the newest generations to hit the job searching arena have taken what they expect from commercial office spaces to an entirely new level. Today's mobile employment market isn't afraid to travel for a great gig, but they don’t' want to have to sit in traffic for it. If you're currently sourcing office space for rent, it's important to look for commercial office spaces located as close as possible to easily accessible public transportation. It's a major employee perk!

Beyond distance to public transport, it's also important to find office space for rent with other key amenities. These three generations are notorious for their "work hard, play hard" mentality. Operating your organization near city hotspots such as restaurants, shops and boutiques is a great way to ensure that your commercial office spaces gives employees a great way to blow off steam once the business day has ended.

Beyond Commercial Office Spaces: Employee Benefits & More

Of course, the work environment is only one way to help establish a corporate culture that your employees will clamor for. Beyond the digs, it's important to also consider various employee options to ensure that your job offer weighs more heavily than any others they may have received. Providing a host of onsite employee services such on free fresh fruit/healthy snacks, staff spa services and even gaming rooms is an excellent way to help recruit these younger generations - they'll work hard and be less inclined to cut out early with so many enjoyable onsite employee perks.

Naturally, you don't want your team to feel like you never want them to leave the office. That's why it's imperative to present a host of offsite employee benefits as well. Gym memberships, paid time off based on superior performance and even offering free passes to sporting events and movies are all great ways to help cater to GenX, Y and Millennial and make them feel like the valued employees they are.

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