CRESA Partners International Reaches Ireland

CRESA Partners' international partner, Atisreal, has recently acquired Harrington Bannon, an Irish real estate firm, to create Atisreal Ireland.

Premier Brand and Clientele

Harrington Bannon, a property consulting business and one of the premier brands in Ireland, is a recognized player in corporate real estate services in Ireland. The Dublin-based company was founded some 30 years ago and generated in excess of 5 million euros in transactions in 2005. Harrington Bannon operates in investment property, office leasing, consulting, appraisal/valuation and property management and has 20+ employees. The company's clients include BNP Paribas, Amgen, IBM, Ericsson, Aon, Kellogg’s, McDonald’s and EMC².

Initial Foray into Ireland

This operation represents Atisreal’s first acquisition in Ireland. Alain Béchade, Vice Chairman of Atisreal, explains: “The Irish market is strategic particularly with regards to international investment. In terms of Corporate Real Estate, this market is also an important link between North American companies and Europe. It is an extremely buoyant domestic market and Irish investors are active in both the UK and continental European markets.”

Continued European Expansion

This acquisition reinforces Atisreal’s European network and its leadership in corporate property services in the euro zone. In addition to Ireland, Atisreal is already present in France, Belgium,
Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, UK, Italy (since November 2005), and in the USA. Atisreal's goals are to continue expanding and become the market leader in Ireland in corporate real estate services.