Dash, Citymaps wow audience at NY Tech Meetup

NEW-YORK--Dash, City Maps and even a 105-year-old startup named IBM stood out from the demonstrations hosted by NY Tech Meetup last April 7 at the NYU Skirball Theater. But Dash was clearly the night’s favorite the way it connects cars to smartphones and unlocks enhanced performance, cost savings and social driving.


“It’s both a hardware and software product,” CEO and founder Jamyn Edis said.

Founded in 2012, Dash presented its second version available already on Android and iOS. It now has 200,000 users in 150 countries. 

Citymaps is a personalized map that helps you collect places. It creates maps for yourself and even together with friends. It’s different the way the user interface pops up like cards. It claims to have a partnership with Songkick which should show you maps of performances as they happen everywhere around the world.

DataCamp is an online data science school using video lessons and interactive coding challenges. Currently with 110,000 students, it aims to target everyone interested in data science. Also in the education space, Fedora offers anyone to teach online or offline and monetize it through its site, whether you’re doing a livestream, offsite meetup to share online later, or ebook discussion. It was built 100 percent for teachers.

Another presenter, Share Right, now in beta, likes you to use its site to share, predict and monetize your digital assets.

If you’re looking for reviews of hotels, restaurants and attractions, check out TripExpert. It aggregates reviews from about 40 publications. For those without ratings, TripExpert uses a manual process. It’s interesting to watch how it will scale.

IBM showed BlueMix, its open enterprise cloud enabling secure data and infrastructure integration in the cloud for developers to deploy applications.

Only the shopping app of the night, Photochromia allows you to explore 2nd generation wearable technology through UV responsive garments in Printallover.me. Being fairly new, it estimates delivery of orders to take three weeks.

The NY Tech Meetup would not be complete without the fun Hack(s) of the Month demos. Chirp by Adam Obeng adamobeng.com  makes your tweets shorter with emojis, while Chintastic makes your chin come to life in real-time in song and dance with your own background video! You have to check it out at to believe it.

Last but not the least was ROMDOM at https://github.com/sagnew/ROMDOM 
Ever thought of hacking old Nintendo games? It does that using javascript. It could turn out to be a fun and interactive educational tool.