December 13th, 2012 New York Sports Tech Meetup featuring Qfive

On Thursday December 13th, OLC attended the New York Sports Tech Meetup featuring the company Qfive.

NY Sports Tech Meetup held its December meeting on Thursday. The meetup featured the company Qfive, a sports media platform formated for sport related interactions, and available as a web & mobile app. “Where online can you be an athlete?” asked Joshua Grosbard, one of Qfive’s founders. The answer is now, Qfive. Qfive allows athletes and athletic programs show who they are. The site features four essential pages:

Topic Pages revolve around a certain sport or sports topic. Users can create content and share it with a topic page by tagging the content. Users can also follow a topic page.

User Profiles are an athlete’s profile. These pages list achievements, videos featuring the athlete and even an activity feed.

Program profiles allow entire athletic programs to use Qfive. Program profiles can post calendars of events/practices, videos and more related content.

Private team pages allow certain members of a team (for example, varsity football at a highschool) communicate and socialize.

The company is focused mostly on creating content, followed by consuming content. It uses email marketing and connections to recruit athletes and teams to the site. Currently, Qfive boast an impressive number of users, with hopes to continue expanding.