Demo Day features ITU Gate Startups

SAN FRANCISCO--Last August 27, OLC attended Demo Day featuring ITU Gate Startups at RocketSpace. A handful of companies was able to give a few minutes demo and receive real-time feedback from a panel of judges.



Help turn business insights into real-time business applications. Evam is a platform that allows you to run your business in real time. Businesses use lots of different system that then get funneled to business intelligence systems but this happens sometimes a day later. We help do this in real-time. You can now stop bothering your IT staff to help you set up some new system.




Providing app analytics to a mobile app, it focuses on recording all touch events of the user, not just action-based analytics. You can tell when the user moves the phone, and changes the rotation. Dashboard lets clients view all the data easily.



Boni is a new service that allows people with disabilities to navigate around public spaces. With boni, stores set up bluetooth devices and the end user has the app downloaded on their phone and it lets them know what is around them or how to navigate around large crowded places. The end user can just speak to the phone, “exit” and the app will find and trigger the bluetooth devices around the area and guide the user out.