Designers + Geeks: How Do You Design Feelings?
On Thursday July 11, OLC attended Designers + Geeks’ “How Do You Design Feelings?” event. The Meetup featured Charlie Whitney, a media artist and founder of Red Paper Heart.
“How Do You Design Feelings” focused on the art of emphasizing emotive experiences in today’s socially saturated age. These days, the challenge of keeping experiences genuine, as well as new and exciting, is huge. Charlie Whitney, a local media artist and programmer, has made it his mission to make engaging real-world experiences through installation, fabrication and projection. 
“Design emotionally with people in mind.” Was one of the chief components of Whitney’s presentation. 
“Am I making a decision based on what people actually do or is it something I want them to do?” Whitney asked. He stressed the importance of asking customers to do what they want to do, not what you want them to do. The latter may have negative effects on their overall engagement experience. Giving customers “the stage” and letting them do what they want to do, led to the most satisfaction. Companies can target what their customers are asking for, and then replicate this in a brand engagement that both satisfies their want, and achieves the company’s goals. 
Whitney also introduced the audience to the company he co-founded, Red Paper Heart. 
Red Paper Heart marries designers and coders who, together, “combine interactivity and animation.” The company continuously puts together unique and exciting events and engagements throughout NYC. One such engagement was a ping pong pool party for UrbanDaddy. 
UrbanDaddy challenged the Red Paper Heart team to create a “memorable interactive experience in water.” Many considered this sheer lunacy. The team responded with a pool filled with 65,000 ping-pong balls, plus audio-reactive visuals, all culminating in a story-worthy, engaging experience.