Digital Signage to Mobile Screens Event

On Tuesday, August 28th, OLC attended Digital Signage to Mobile Screens: "Making way for an Out-of-Home Cross-Screen Marketing Strategy” featuring the following presenters: Michael Scheiner of MWW, Carolyn Kelly Walkin NEC Display Solutions and Don Blanton of the Wow Factor. The presenters each discussed the future and current trends of out-of-home digital marketing.

Michael Scheiner presented “The Convergence of Mobile and Signage” on behalf of MWW. He examined the direction in which he believes signage and marketing is heading. The presentation offered up a few key points for those using mobile and digital signage to market their brands.

Retail brands should build immersive experiences, but only if they benefit not only the brand but also the customer.

Brands should create apps to engage the customers with the brand’s signage.

Companies should work to integrate location and utility. Scheiner used Red Box as example. Red Box uses their mobile app to help customers locate the boxes, where the company then offers up-selling technology to engage the customer further.

QR codes should only be used when delivering a message or benefit, not just to lead customers to a website.

Companies need to make note of Near Field Communications, said Scheiner. He believes this developing technology will replace credit cards.

Scheiner also stressed that companies need to focus on their consumer’s needs, not the technology. Marketing strategies should also incorporate components of social “sharability” and add value or utility throughout the experience.

Carolyn Kelly, of NEC Display Solutions, presented on NEC’s ad server in “The Digital Out-of-Home Ad Server.” The platform, named Vuku Net, helps brands sort through and fit seamlessly into any CMS platform. It is an open and agnostic ad server. Vuku Net connects brands and consumers to their screens.  The platform offers real-time inventory, proof of performance and reporting and billing.

Don Blanton, CEO and founder of the WOW Factor, spoke about his experience with live event and TV integration. Blanton stressed that this type of marketing is “more exciting than putting content on a screen.” He went on to detail his work with Coca-Cola and other companies. The main challenge tended to be that customers were not engaged or that the location of the customer was not taken into account. However, when everything was in sync, the pay offs were huge. Blanton pointed to the success of Coca-Cola’s Expedition 206 campaign.