Fashion tech for diverse audience, healthcare market

SAN FRANCISCO--WeWork Civic Center hosted yet another great mixer with the help of Piedmont Avenue Consulting last September 29. Young individuals interested in both fashion and fashion tech were able to discuss fashion interests and network amid a great panel of fashion tech experts -- all during the city’s fashion week.

The panel included Baba Afolabi, founder of SuRru Clothing, Thomas Hollingsworth, sales manager at Triax Technologies (with another employee of Triax Tech at his side), Neeharika Sinha, co-founder of Thread Channel, and Zara Stone,  tech and lifestyle journalist.

Like many other young fashion enthusiasts, Afolabi developed the idea of SuRu clothing based on fashion that he loved himself but rarely found in the current market. So he created SuRu but added his own personal spin on the brand to promote multiculturalism and diversity -- another aspect he felt was needed in the fashion industry. SuRu's current clothing line contains designs that are inspired by global sports such as soccer and a diverse variety of cultural symbols.

For a slightly different perspective on fashion, Hollingsworth creates wearable devices that are not only efficient but also sleek and comfortable to wear for everyday use,  a combination of fashion and healthcare. Triax Tech designs risk management technologies to improve safety and efficiency across diverse industries. Hollingsworth describes his inspiration as a memory he had with a family member who wore a defibrillator vest who spoke about the need for the item with an f efficient and sleek design.

Sinha created ThreadChannel as a means to develop education on fashion pieces for individuals. ThreadChannel is essentially a fashion app that makes fashion democratic by providing bite-sized information. Users can submit photos or receive photos of new fashion pieces to discover what they are and how to style them based on your own preference.

Stone’s journalism experience focuses on the intersection of technology and culture. Her work has been published by large media outlets such as ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. She's also a former on-air reporter for Fusion TV and was a new media producer for the 2012 London Olympics.

With such vast perspectives and ideas on the fashion and tech industry, many attendees of WeWork's mixer said they were inspired to work on their own ideas, even their own fashion line.