February 17th, 2014 The UX of NUI: When Computers begin to Intersect with Human Emotion


On Monday, February 17th, OLC attended The UX of NUI Export hosted by NUI Central, the natural user interface community in New York City.  The event was held at WeWork Labs located at 69 Charlton Street, New York, and featured an ‘encore presentation’ all things NUI, GUI, UI by Ken Lonyai and Debra Benkler.

The evening was informative and revelatory accompanied by slides and short videos of the future and what it will take to make our devices more humanistic. Ken opened the eve with a brief historic overview of computer-human shifts over time whilst Debra likened our ‘natural human interaction’ with those of a child---intuitive, simple, “full body immersive experiences.” For more information on NUI Central’s monthly meetup, visit: NuiCentral

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