February 25th, 2014 TodayTix, Hishortcut, 3 other apps featured at NY Mobile


Last February 25, Merritt Baer and Brian Fenty of TodayTix; Duy Huynh of Hishortcut,; Lohit Sarma and Mihir Apte of Reccit, Patrick McQuown of Breadcrumbs; and Teipaul Bhatia of Chatwala presented at the NY Mobile Forum meetup at the AOL offices. 


How many times have you thought of getting event ticket at the last minute? TodayTix thinks it has found a solution for you. The two founders, Baer and Fenty, said they met at theater camp and thought of the idea of selling last-minute tickets at insider prices.

The two are excited about its app, because of the $10 billion behemoth that is Broadway and how its new app is gaining popularity. It has already been downloaded 30,000 times.  The app was beta launched in September 2013.


Hisshortcut presented first with Huynh showing how his app works to make remote electronic devices turn on and off by using his app.  

Huynh used his voice to activate his electronic devices at home.


Next presenter, Reccit helps you make decisions by giving you relevant reviews and recommendations from trusted sources in your social network.

Reccit maximizes the users existing social network activity (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare) by aggregating and cataloging previous check-ins and offering an option to rate and review places they’ve checked-in to.

Have you wondered how you can remember all the details of places you’ve been to? Breadcrumbs is an app that the founder says gives you a pocketful of breadcrumbs to remember. It’s as simple as having a map show you where you are now and where you started, so you can easily find your way back.

The simplicity of the What’s App text-messaging app is what has made it so successful and $19 billion dollars richer. Chatwala would probably not mind if it had that much money.


Chatwala presented what is supposed to be the first video messaging app that lets you see your friends’ reactions to your video messages.

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