Floored's Protofit allows brokers to use its 3D engine; Ceros disrupts Adobe Creative Cloud

NEW YORK--Last April 14, the Data Driven Meetup featured How Liu, founder and CEO of Airtable;  Scott Crunch, co-founder and CEO of Mark43; Bob Muglia, CEO of Snowflake and Emil Eifrem, founder and CEO of Neo Technologies at the Bloomberg offices.


A school location can change the tenor of a tech meetup.  Startups present material appropriate to the school’s curriculum. At Parsons’ design school last April 15, Will Martin of Floored made his experience as an NJIT professor count by talking about designing using its 3D interactive real estate technology.

Ceros’ Simon Berg left out what his company does—a digital content studio – to talk about how he designed his office, taking his audience to photo slides of an empty office to a finished one with—dare we say?—an English pub, being English you know.  The pub, he insists, is co-owned by his staffers.

Ceros is looking at empowering content makers without developers or use of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite, so anyone can make or publish content in just a drag and drop manner.

As head of product and UX, Martin of Floored shared many aspects of how its 3D engine works, using the language of the younger more design-centric audience (“It’s like being in a video game”) without alienating the more business-oriented (“We work with the biggest real estate owners in the city”) or the tech savvy in the crowd (“We can power an oculus experience”).

Martin announced its new Protofit for commercial office owners and their brokerage firms to use. It’s a way to empower brokers to tour spaces in 3D.

Floored creates 3D graphics and technology for the hospitality and commercial, residential, industrial and retail real estate industries using a WebGL-based rendering engine. This means delivering near-photorealistic quality to modern browsers without plugins or a separate installation setup.  “We just give you a link and you can email it,” he said.

Floored lets your tour spaces as if you’re walking around in them—either in a fully interactive way or simple 3D rendition that it does for streeteasy.com

One of the pain points in 3D modeling is furnishing them, but Floored is also building a library of models, even brand name furniture, to make rendering that meets a company’s – or even brokers’ needs.

The Floored work process goes this way:  

·         Discovery – describe problems and re-prioritize

·         Definition –user stories, scenarios, use cases

·         Detailed design --wireframes, mockups, etc

·         Engineering – product team responds and adjusts

Martin said Floored espouses its mindset-driven design as “edit, don’t author” in the following ways:  

1.       Never show an empty state

2.       Generate a meaningful starting point

3.       Avoid paralysis of choice

“Everything is characterized by the tradeoffs between an engineering effort required for automation and the human efforts required for production,” Martin said.

Aviary and Hightower were the other presenters of the night.