FlyLabs announce new app, Tempo, for altering video time speeds

NEW YORK--FlyLabs has wowed audiences at the NY Tech Meetup months back and at the NY Video Meetup last May 20, it again drew some ecstatic applause for its video-editing apps, Fly, Clips and its new one called Tempo, a quick way to alter video time speeds.

You’ve got to see how soft-spoken Tim Novikoff somehow downplays his apps when he’s demonstrating their uses, but his hands are going fast through the many ways you can edit videos on the fly with his IOS-exclusive apps.   

It’s not too often you see a real-time “magazine” and video platform for women but it’s what presenter Tiffany Pham, CEO of Mogul, thought was needed out there. So far, the platform reportedly gets $12 million views a week. For Pham, it was also important to talk about her roots—Vietnam--where her family came from before they moved to America.

Is she redefining publishing? Mogul is not curated in the traditional sense.

As more people work with videos, it’s even more crucial to know if your video presence is serving you well. Robert Galinsky of Galinsky Coaching is not your typical presenter. Stepping on the stage looking like Bono with his colorful translucent eyeglasses and mane of hair, he proceeds to explain the importance of preparation before any speaking engagement. He said he scoured the farthest point of the venue to check how he will be seen from that vantage point. He walked all around his space, where he will walk around as he presents, stressing how important making hand gestures is onstage, even more so on video. There’s the likelihood someone is always recording.

A prominent figure in the coaching world, Galinsky helps people speak better in every occasion---in conferences, keynote speeches, presentations, pitches, auditions, and panels—whether you are a seasoned professional or a first-time speaker.

The other two presenters were VR Video’s Edwin Rogers who talked about covering 360 degree events and Waypoint Media’s Auwai Odidi who is bringing digital advertising to the gaming community.

Odidi said the Waypoint Marketplace makes it easy to connect with gamers, track and report on campaigns, and browse new curated content. It has also reportedly developed technical solutions to take full advantage of the advertising market; tools to help gaming professionals measure their influence, brands track their audiences’ activity, and advertisers target their ads and monitor campaigns.