FREE Startup Pitch, DEMO to Angels, Early-Stage-VC's, and the Crowd

On Friday, September 13h, 2013 OLC attended Startup Minds’ monthly tech meetup which allows startups from all verticals, such as: software, hardware, apps (iOS and Android) and any product or service. Eight startups pitched at this particular event.


Arun Sood, the bootstrapped founder was here to represent ProfStream, the education cloud platform. What ProfStream aims to do is set up anyone who is looking for some tutoring help with a busy schedule. This service has two sides: the tutor platform where anyone can sign up to be a tutor and help others in a subject they are good at, at the other end, you can login as someone seeking help.


As a tutor, you list your availablity to share your knowledge, and the one receiving the tutoring can look at ratings of tutors and see what tutor they think best fits them and the time they are both available. You can share screens in real-time, have a virtual whiteboard and even video chat so you can see each other if you wanted. They have been live for about four months now.


Bridget Miller, who is in charge of business development, was here to represent Aaipl. The focus of Aaipl is to help people and businesses create applications that are critical to their success. They will help you build your application and then help you scale your business in the process.


They can build you an application on iOS, Android or even make it cross platform. Aaipl’s business plan revolves around helping small, medium to large enterprises and even helping startups. If you’re looking to have an application built for you by a team of professionals, check them out.
Orbit, the iOS only app gives you the ability to give you feedback on how you just gave your presentation, keynote or speech. Search for the event or TV show you are watching and give it a real time rating and see what others are saying. While Orbit can capture TV shows, it stands out where you can get feedback on the presentation you just gave.


When do you ever really get good honest feedback from non-friends about a speech, keynote or presentation? Orbit will give you the ability to see what others thought about you and can offer suggestions on how to do a better job next time.



Career Passport


Margo Graziano, chief evangelist, was there to represent Career Passport. Still very new to the market, Margo explained how Career Passport is a web portal that allows companies of all sizes to use their site to recruit new employees. The hiring manager can set up a list of qualities they are looking for and applicants will have to take a test that analysis and will then assess whether they would be a good fit.

They are a new company, as Margo is also involved in whose technology is being used by Career Passport. Be on the lookout for this platform.

Are you interested in knowing more about your sleeping habits? Intelclinic is here to help you with that. Krzysztof Chojnowski, was there to tell us how their sleeping mask device, can track your sleeping habits in great detail and show you all the data.


They built some technology into these sleeping masks that tracks eye movement and brain activity throughout the night. It even has a feature where it can wake you up at your lightest point of sleep near your desired wake up time. This is supposed to allow you to wake up feeling more refreshed and awake compared to if you woke up in the middle of a deep sleep.

They are currently running a campaign on Kickstarter right now.

Anh Nguyen, an independent marketing rep, was there to speak on behalf of QRFeed. The idea behind their service is to give your users the ability to launch multiple apps from their mobile web browser. Instead of them being limited to a few apps on a screen, you can link them to a page that has a lot more than a single phone screen size can fit.

You can upload your own custom logos to these apps as well if you’d like to spice up the visuals on your landing page.

Tie Society, claims to be the Netflix for ties. Order yourself some ties, bow ties or cufflinks and have them at your door in about three days. You can then keep them as long as you want or return them for more styles.


Have a bunch of weddings to attend to this fall? Instead of having to purchase a bunch of new ties, pick from a wide selection and have them at your door for a cheaper price than having to buy them and only wear them a few times.

Laura Kassovic, CEO and founder, was one of the people here to represent Mbientlab. They have created an open source device that has the ability to push media from your phone to the relatively small device. It even has a screen to where you can push photos to it and have it on your bag or keychain.

Since the project is open source, they encourage people to take the hardware and software tech and hack it into something that you and others might find useful.

Dhanush Balachandran, was there to represent My Things app. The purpose of this app is to allow you to remember where you put something so you’ll never spend hours looking for it. This can specifically useful during moves or when you have to put stuff in storage. You can add sub-locations when entering in the data so when looking for that box of old cooking supplies you know that they are in the back on the storage unit against the wall in box 10.