GramercyOne Subleases at 22 Cortlandt Street

GramercyOne, a venture-backed software company, recently expanded and relocated to 16,600 sf at 22 Cortlandt Street in Lower Manhattan.  G1, which had been located at 257 Park Avenue South, subleased space from ContextWeb, which had recently been acquired by Datran Media and the combined entity renamed PulsePoint.  G1, which recently received $14.5 million in Series A funding from investors including Grotech Ventures, Jubilee Investments, Revolution Ventures and TDF, virtually tripled its space as part of an aggressive growth campaign.

Launched in 2010, GramercyOne offers a product called Booker Platform, a swiss army knife of software tools that enable companies to attract and reach out to customers through social commerce, group buying services, mobile and local advertising and social booking solutions.  The company says it currently provides cloud services to over 2,500 companies across the globe, ranging from small-sized service companies like local spas, fitness centers, beauty salons to big organizations such as Hilton Worldwide and uses Booker Platform to process over 700,000 transactions,  averaging $1 million in value each day.

GramercyOne was started after its SpaBooker platform was carved out as a business division within SpaFinder, a major spa media and marketing company.  The functionality required to enable online scheduling of spa appointments was starting to gain traction outside of the spa industry, and thus the SpaBooker division was spun out in to what is now GramercyOne.

In September of last year, Datran Media and ContextWeb announced that a merger to create PulsePoint, a new digital media technology company committed to helping marketers and publishers gain greater audience transparency and deeper engagement across digital channels at unprecedented scale.

Both GramercyOne and Datran are clients of Jack Petrie, formerly of Cresa and currently President of  Mr. Petrie represented GramercyOne in this sublease transaction.