Guest Post: 3 Simple Ways to Boost Office Productivity When Relocating

Whether you are relocating your office to another town or just shifting to another floor in the same building, the very thought of office relocation possibly isn’t so alluring. Moving a home or office is one of the most time consuming and stressful tasks you ever experience. Maximum of your valuable work time is lost during an office move. So how can you best utilize your precious work time and stay productive during an office move? Here are a few ideas that will help you stay organized and carry out your office tasks in full flow even during the move:

1. Put in Place a Firm Schedule Prior to the Move

Prior to moving office set up a firm schedule and inform your office staff about things they need to do and when to carry out such tasks. One of the major reasons for lost productivity is due to confusions. It is therefore vital to set out dates and the amount of time required for packing up workstations and personal belongings as well as time you will need for the actual move.

Let your employees know when you expect them to settle in the new office and go back to their schedule. Your employees may consider the moving period to be a time of relaxation. Make it clear to them that it is not the time to sit back and relax and the staff is expected to carry out as much work as possible.

2. Ensure Availability of Telephone Service, Internet For Effective Communication

Communication is a major tool for enhanced productivity at the workplace and lack of communication can affect efficiency at work. While moving office it is important to ensure that telephone service and internet will be available once the phones and computer equipment is put in place at the new location.

By notifying suppliers well in advance about moving to the new location, you can ensure that all the necessary work is done quickly. Don’t waste your precious time by missing out even a single day’s work at your new office. For this it is important to test the systems in your new office the day before the move.

3. Take Office Relocation As An Opportunity to Upgrade, Modernize Workplace

Moving office is just the perfect opportunity to upgrade and modernize your new workplace. Perhaps, you have been utilizing the same equipments and software for several years and it desperately requires some updating. If you are still thinking of carrying the same old monitors that you hired previously, it is high time you switch over to some flashy new flat screen monitors to enhance productivity at your new work place.

Take office moving as an opportunity to upgrade your new space so that it is in great shape when you move back in. Using your laptop computers temporarily is another good way to stay productive while on the move.  With a little planning and keeping these points in mind you will be able to arrive at your new office location more energized and in even better shape to do business. Utilize these wonderful ideas to make your office relocation stress-free and if you are looking for movers to help you out in your office move then you can fully rely on Office Removals London for a comfortable office move.