How to Optimize a Commercial Office Space

All too often, commercial office spaces are all the same. White walls, cubicles and crowded break rooms have become the typical American office space. As we enter a period where efficiency and cost cutting dominates the business realm, employers are looking to get the most out of each hire. This is why now is a perfect time to see how your physical office space contributes to the efficiency of the workers in your office. If your building owner doesn’t allow the following modifications, it may be time to move to a new office space. When that is not necessary. Use the tips below, which are based on recent studies, outlining the differences in workers moods and energy levels when each action is taken.

Repaint the interior walls

The color of the walls inside your office space have a much larger effect on employee productivity then most people would think.  According to, natural colors such as light shades of blue and green are the best for improving efficiency and focus amongst your work force.  International painting company Wow 1 Day Painting has also noticed the profound effect on wall color relating to employee efficiency:

“Colors can either be active, passive, or neutral. Bright colors tend to be active and do exactly as they suggest: give us energy. Muted colors fall into the passive category: they tend to be calming and comforting."


Keep this in mind with your current workspace and consider using a combination of colors that will stimulate your employees and increase your margins.

Take advantage of windows and indoor plants

Another way to help your workers improve their levels of productivity is to purchase live plants for both around the office and at each employee’s desk. Studies have been conducted world wide relating the amount of work an individual accomplishes in a day to having live plants in their work environment. This is a great addition to your office’s aesthetic, and is a cost effective method to increase productivity and impress any clients visiting your space.

Reconfiguring your office so that more employees have visible natural sunlight can seem like a daunting task, but this has the potential to be extremely beneficial. Natural sunlight is better for your employees’ over all health outside of the office as well.  The U.S Green Building Council states that more sunlight will not only improve the overall mood of your staff, but will also lead to higher-quality sleep.  If your office is currently illuminated by fluorescent lights (or dark as a dungeon) then installing a few addition windows may pay huge dividends.

Optimize community areas

Community areas have been seen in the past as a place where workers go to step away from their work and therefore are not being productive. In a traditional sense, with the break room being the only community area this may even be true.  Looking into the future of your workspace it is absolutely crucial that you find opportunities within your office for co-workers to collaborate. For example, a small common room near the water cooler would allow company talk by passing employees to continue a conversation that could otherwise be procrastinated.  By creating more areas in the office for collaboration you are also generating opportunities for teamwork within your company. Fast Company also thinks the office should be designed to increase the amount of chance meetings between workers in a day.

Keep workspaces clutter free

Every commercial office I have ever been to has a degree of clutter. Whether this clutter is in the form of excess furniture, messy desks, or a backed up paper shredding process, it exists and needs to be eliminated.  This is because research has proven that a “cluttered” work environment has a direct negative impact on employee performance. According to the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute a cluttered work environment restricts an individual’s ability to focus on important tasks.  This is why utilizing the services of a professional junk remover, such as 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, is a simple step which can be taken and see huge returns on the investment.