January 24th, 2014 The Hatchery: Jim Shook: EIR at Scout Ventures NYC Seed Fund


Last Friday on January 24th, the Hatchery hosted another great intimate fireside chat with Co-Founder of Roomorama.com Jim Shook. Currently an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Scout Ventures NYC, this seed fund helps to build businesses offering support in product development, recruiting, marketing, and business development by taking an active role in the build.


Founded in 2009, Roomorama.com is a global short-term apartment rental marketplace. Jim’s experience in building businesses in consumer marketplaces offered up good insight. Jim’s nuggets of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs include, “Solve a real problem.” He reminds the audience the importance of “proving it on a micro level, even to three customers.” He emphasizes the need to know your customer acquisition channels.” Jim also adds that “You can always build a successful business, even as No. 2 or No. 3,” a point most entrepreneurs often forget.

Special thanks to the Hatchery for hosting another informative and beer-filled fun chat at the Micro-office.