January 27th, 2014 Disruptive Technologists in NYC

On Monday, January 27th, OLC attended “Disruptive Technologists in NYC: On Social Media” hosted by Lauren Keyson with Disruptive Technologists NYC powered by ATT AdWorks Lab. The event was held at the ATT AdWorks Lab offices located at 810 7th Ave. in Manhattan, New York, and featured an experienced panel of serial entrepreneurs and VCs including Bruce Bachenheimer, David Rose, Graham Gullans, Jim Tousignant, and Ajay Yadav.

Bruce Bachenheimer, Professor and Director of Entrepreneurship Lab at Pace University, discussed social media uses and growing trends on topics of anonymity and authenticity on the internet. Questions raised by the audience include the role privacy plays to which Bachenheimer emphasized the “importance in developing a means for authentic anonymity” to thrive online. To learn about the Pace University Entrepreneurship Lab, visit their website.

David Rose, a serial entrepreneur, CEO of Gust, and Founder and Chairman Emeritus of New York Angels shared his experiences as an early entrepreneur entering the scene and how he learned to cultivate his own voice as he had noticed a growing following, and carefully curated what could be useful and of interest to these audiences. According to Rose, “If it’s technologically possible, it can be done.” To learn more about angel investing, here is a link to Rose’s newly published book

Graham Gullans, Co-Founder of Empire Angels, discussed the growing trends in hardware. He emphasized the need to grow engagement amongst audiences and concern over a company’s social media ROI. When asked about his stance on privacy, Guillans takes a rather open view to innovation. To learn more about Empire Angels, you may visit the website here.

Jim Tousignant is the Founder & CEO of Positive Talk and Executive VP of Scivantage, Tousignant discussed topics such as ‘glocalization’ across sectors of health, fitness, food, social and wearable technology. Tousignant spoke of network effects and using analytics to evaluate a person’s sentiment measured across their social networks. 

Ajay Yadav, Founder of Roomi, spoke about his multiple attempts in becoming an entrepreneur failing a few times before launching the latest, a mobile app that helps people find roommates more easily. To learn more, visit roomiapp.com.

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