January 29th, 2014 NYC EdTech.connect

On 29 January, OLC attended NYC EdTech.connect hosted by NYC EdTech.connect sponsored by SaddleRock Advisors.  The event was held at Loeb & Loeb LLP’s offices located at 345 Park Avenue, New York NY, and featured presentations by 4 startups including DegreeCast, Amplify, Open Assembly, and Clean Edison.  

DegreeCast was first to present and shared their platform allowing search of degree program across the education technology space.  Co-Founder Caleb Gandara presented highlighting the promise in consolidating all degree searches into one shop. For more information on DegreeCast, visit their website here: http://www.degreecast.com/.

Amplify was second to present and challenged the audience to “reimagine the way teachers teach and students learn” in the education space today.  Co-Founder and CEO Joel Klein and CEO Josh Reibel created Amplify in order to enable teachers to be able to manage classrooms better through the application of more personalized instruction tools. Questions around monitoring engagement came up in the Q&A.   For more information on Amplify, visit their website here: http://www.amplify.com/.

Open Assembly presented third, offering easily assembled, remixed and shared playlists of open educational resources (OER). Founder and CEO Domitilla Enders presented her business pitch for a more collaborative shared space for learning. A Q&A proceeded the presentation. For more information on Open Assembly, visit their website here: http://www.openassembly.com/.

The last to present was CleanEdison offering sustainable education for today’s workforce in the clean energy space.  Co-Founder Avi Yashchin presented his vision for a clean tech vocational education company and the merits proven in good traction and need in the high barrier to entry in the vocational education space. For more information, visit their website at: http://www.cleanedison.com/.