January 2nd, 2013 Drupal NYC Meetup


On Wednesday, January 2nd, OLC attended the Drupal NYC Meetup, which featured different aspects of Drupal development.

What is Drupal?

The common dictionary term for Drupal is a “free and open-source content management framework." This means that Drupal is an online system used for creating, managing, developing and accessing websites across the globe.

It is known as one of the largest “open source community." The websites that Drupal power ranges from corporal businesses to personal businesses and even reach governmental issues. Despite Drupal’s easy to manage programming, it does not lack the complex language mature programmers understand. That means one can easily use Drupal ranging from a basic level to a more complex standpoint.

Due to Drupal’s easy layout and publication, many developers have used Drupal as their core system. It supports any web server that runs on PHP-generic script and a database as well. The latest update of Drupal—7.18 was released December 19, 2012, where it featured new add-ons to personalize Drupal’s appearance.

The Drupal community has an abundant of high profile websites such as mtv.co.uk, nysenate.gov and whitehouse.gov.

The meetup was separated into different presentations where one had the ability to choose which exposition they wanted to see first. In one presentation noted as “Devops without the Devs or the Ops," presented by Dave Hall, talked about how his agency, Technocrat, shapes Drupal programs.

Hall started off by stating how code, content and configuration are the main components one has to manage when creating a Drupal website. Hall spent 18 months fixing this situation where each component can be altered as a task with there own specific type of configuration or just combine it altogether.

Hall also gave numerous coding that shows how the layout of the combination works by simply just clicking.