January 30th, 2014 Inside Startups Club Featuring Atmospheir, IvyConnect, Krossover & Oscar Health


On January 30th, 2014, OLC attended Inside Startups Club hosted by Projective Space and sponsored by Insidestartups. This event was held at the Projective Space offices on 72 Allen Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY, 10002. The featured presenters at the event were Krossover, Oscar Health, Atmospheir, IvyConnect, and Projective Space.

Krossover presented first and described their company as an “ESPN” for amateur sports. What began as a project in 2008 to help the University of Pennsylvania’s basketball team make use of advanced statistics in order to win more games, Krossover has evolved to using their own SaaS product to capture the statistics of over 2000 amateur sports teams.

More information on Krossover can be found at: http://www.krossover.com

Ivy presented next and described their product, IvyConnect as a private social networking community that connects inspiring entrepreneurs, artists, policy-makers and innovative professionals through regular art gallery receptions, dinners, speaking events, concerts, trips and cocktail parties.

More information on IvyConnect can be found at: http://www.ivy.com

Atmospheir presented next and described their product as a “social address book” where its users are required to know the unique ID of other users to find each other. Atmospheir strives to modernize the address book by connecting its users quickly and efficiently while also reflecting the fundamental nature of human relationships: known identities, mutual trust, controlled levels of intimacy, and boundaries of shared information.

More information on Atmospheir can be found at: http://www.atmospheir.com

Oscar Insurance Corporation is an insurance company that uses technology to simplify the often difficult and stressful processes related to using insurance. Members of Oscar Insurance have access to the insurance company’s online intuitive search tools that enable their members to match their symptoms to an illness or disorder that may reflect those symptoms. After figuring out what the user is suffering from, the search tool will match the user with the closest physician that deals with the illness or disorder.

More information available at their site: http://www.hioscar.com

Projective Space presented next and described their start-up as a company that provides community-centered coworking spaces for creative entrepreneurs that choose to make their home in NYC. Created by three brothers: James, Johnny, and Timmy Wahba; Projective Space is curating a growing family of mutually supportive businesses.

More information can be found at: http://www.projective.co