January 3rd, 2013 Embracing Technology to Grow Your Business Meetup


On Thursday, January 3rd, OLC attended the Embracing Technology to Grow Your Business Meetup, Explore Social Media, where different companies talked about how they protect their social media.


MJJT Consultants Ltd. is a company who deals with advising the IT firm of one’s business. The CEO of MJJT Consultants, Michael Takacs, explained how easy it is for social websites to be attacked by malware or viruses.

He elaborated how companies are starting to use barricades in order to prevent their employees from entering social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Takacs described, by having software that detects viruses and essentially block them altogether, one can easily protect confidentially information.


Groupsite is a social network that draws in companies to create Groupsite to share and communicate through social networking.

Andre J. Hayes, Vice President of Sales, brought up the fact of how the usage of Cloud software is not safe anymore. He stated how his company breaks down all the personal, private information in different sectors. The company focuses on where the most coveted information is only accessible to a limited amount of employees with an email password. Then, semi-private information is released to a more general population within their company and then the general information is released through social media.

Hayes justifies that by breaking down the personal information into different levels of privacy, it allows his company to maintain a high level of security that lacks any type of hacking.