January 7th, 2014 NY Tech Meetup


On January 7th, 2014, OLC hit off the New Year by attending NYTech Meet up sponsored by Gotham Ventures, Wilson Sonsini, Google, Microsoft Bizspark, Tumblr, Bloomberg, MLB Advanced Media, Tekserve, American Express, and VITAC. The featured presenters of the event were Docurated, MakeSpace, KeyMe, Koding, livecube, passOmatic, Photofeed, One Today by Google, and Oscar Insurance Corporation.


MakeSpace is a storage service that picks up, stores, and returns your items in three easy steps. First make an appointment for a MakeSpace employee to deliver their signature plastic bins. Then the MakeSpace employee will scan and take photos of the contents of the bin in order to create a visual catalogue of what is being stored. Finally, after the bins are secured in the MakeSpace storage facilities, the stored contents of bin can be managed online. 

More can be learned on their site: http://www.makespace.com

passOmatic is a web service that takes on the hassle of changing all of your passwords on multiple online services in one click. 

More can be learned on their site: http://launch.passomatic.com/

KeyMe presented their new mobile application that enables the user to simply scan and take a photo of their keys using the application and order a copy of the scanned keys. The scanned keys can be delivered via mail or made on hand through any affiliated hardware stores and KeyMe kiosks.

More can be learned on their site: http://key.me

Koding is a free online browser operated development environment that allows its users to program and collaborate with others without the needs of downloading software development kits. The Koding platform includes an activity feed which allows users to post status updates, code snippets and topics in order to engage with the Koding community. 

More can be learned on their site: http://koding.com

Docurated is an enterprise tool that aggregates all your documents in one place and converts them into a searchable and customizable database.

More can be learned on their site: http://www.docurated.com/

livecube is an event application that enables its users to condense the web-based interactions that occur about their event under one umbrella.

When using livecube, users can communicate with one another by creating posts regarding new ideas about the event that they are attending and using a points system, the most popular posts reach the top amongst other posts. Furthermore, these posts, connections, and given feedbacks of the event are saved so that the users will have a permanent record of what happened during the event.

More information is available at their site: http://www.livecube.co

Photofeed is an online platform that securely backs up and organizes all of photos so that its users can access them anywhere. Any prospective users can upload their photos via their mobile devices using Photofeed’s mobile applications or through their desktops.

More information is available at their site: http://www.photofeed.com

Oscar Insurance Corporation is an insurance company that uses technology to simplify the often difficult and stressful processes related to using insurance. 

Members of Oscar Insurance have access to the insurance company’s online intuitive search tools that enable their members to match their symptoms to an illness or disorder that may reflect those symptoms. After figuring out what the user is suffering from, the search tool will match the user with the closest physician that deals with the illness or disorder.

Furthermore, the search tools made available by Oscar Insurance makes refilling prescription drugs easier by locating the nearest pharmacy for the user.

More information available at their site: http://www.hioscar.com

One Today by Google is a mobile application that enables its users to pledge money to towards any causes of their choice. By using this mobile app, the user can learn more about the issues related to a cause and choose to donate money to the non-profit organization that reflects that cause. 

More information is available at their site: http://www.google.com/onetoday