January 8th, 2013 Digital Marketing Professionals 2013 Kickoff Meetup


On Tuesday, January 8th, OLC attended Digital Marketing Professionals 2013 Kickoff Meet Up where several panelists offered their expertise on the consumer engagement and marketing world.


Bradford Rand, President & CEO of Job Expo International discussed customer engagement. Rand has successfully produced over 900 tradeshows since 1992. Prior to producing tradeshows, he worked on several high profile accounts including American Express.

Rand offered his expertise in bringing in and engaging the customer. Many of his tradeshows excel because of the client-to-client, face-to-face element they possess. Often, it is best to appeal to these types of social senses when attempting to draw in a crowd.

Gerardo Blumenkrantz, Creative Director/Ideator and Professor at City College/CUNY, spoke about Branding and Integrated Communications. Blumenkrantz began his advertising career at Ogilvy, and afterwards pursued a freelance career. His work for the NAACP, earned him AdAge’s “Best Poster of 2000.”

Social media is one of the largest players in brand engagement. The “Liking” and “Recommending” of companies is one of the major ways brands gain traction.

Shay Zaidenberg, Director of Digital Marketing for Pompeian discussed digital consumer brand engagement. Zaidenberg has 13 years of expertise in digital marketing, operations and management. He currently consults for Pompeian Inc., one of America’s leading olive oil brand.

Alan D. Hirsch, CFO & Consultant at White Rabbit, also presented. Hirsch has experience as an investment banker specializing in private and public small cap growth companies. Currently, he is a partner and officer of Lion Partners, Ltd.

Marketers need to keep their customers engaged at all times. White Rabbit, an online marketing firm, offers several products and platforms for engaging customers. One of the most popular products is Snap, a web plugin that “deliver[s] a live stream of relevant opt-in content.”