January 8th, 2014 The Future of HR, Presented by SmartRecruiters


On Wednesday January 8th 2014, OLC attended SF Beta, the future of HR presented by SmartRecruiters in San Francisco. A handful of recruiting companies filled the building to pitch to the crowd how their platforms allowed companies and recruiters to find their next candidate easily and efficiently. 


JobFig uses what they call the, “Five Factor Model of Personality,” to help recruiters find the right candidate. When someone applies, they will be asked to take their scientifically designed personality test to allow them to be assessed and classified. JobFig is only currently allowing people to request access at the moment.


SoFi was one of the few companies that was not involved in recruiting. Their aim was to help students who are looking for a cheaper alternative to paying off their student loans. With SoFi, you can combine your private and federal loans into one loan with a cheaper rate. You can get a loan with a variable rate or a fixed rate.

The catch with SoFi is they use former Alumni to to act as your new lender. So, instead of having to pay back a bank or the government, you get your debt paid off by a former graduate of your own college. 


workZeit is a platform focused around company culture. workZeit is a cloud based platform that turns internal company discussions into measurable data. workZeit understands that finding the next right employee for your company is more about a skills assessment test, but also must be a good culture fit as well.

workZeit also realizes that a lot of successful teams are diverse teams. You can take this into account when looking for your next hire. Do you want them to be similar to compliment your current teams skills or need someone different.


Gild is a recruiting platform that has a niche on developers. Gild’s special sauce is that they pull in data from open source communities and Q&A sites where these developers are or have contributed. They use a special algorithm to assess the code and answers they have submitted to these sites to give them a ranking.

You can see how active these developers are and gain a better sense of their coding and problem solving qualities.


Findly is your all in one talent finding platform. Findly claims that you can find other good platforms that can do one or a few of the different processes in finding your next candidate, but they offer the complete package. They cover all areas from: Acquisition, Engagement, Talent Filtering and Performance. Each one of these high-level categories has deeper sub categories where you can dig deeper to find the right match for your next hire.


Entelo, is a recruiting platform that uses the power of the internet and public data to help companies find their next hire. Entelo uses information that can be found on candidates public social profiles and giving recruiters a warning that this person might be on the way out of their current position.

Entelo also offers a team platform to help your team work better together. You can see what tactics are working to reach out to candidates so others can make any changes they need to help increase their chances of finding a good hire.


Distill takes a different approach to the recruiting industry. Instead of building a platform to find people, they focus on a platform that is more around organizing and managing the interviews with these individuals. You can have a live web based chat with a possible candidate where you can have them write some code for you while you view it real time.

You can see all your teams current meetings with potential clients and what position they are being interviewed for all from an easy to see and use collaborative calendar. One great thing about this platform is it is all web based. No need to download any software or plugins. Just sign in and get going.


Venturocket is a recruiting platform that is focused around connecting you with the right people in your network. According to Venturocket, getting a job is all about who you know. This is why they have you sign in via LinkedIn. Instead of being another piece of paper in a pile, with Venturocket, you’ll be in touch with the people who do the hiring. No need to waste anyones time. 


RecruitLoop takes a different approach into the hiring process. While most companies tend to take the person out of the process, RecruitLoop focuses on the personal aspect of it. They allow you to hire a recruiter by the hour and for whatever type of tasks you want them to do. You can have them do lightweight work or do a full on hiring project.

RecruitLoop also claims they can save you up to 80% of normal fees you would pay with another agency.


HackerRank is a new web based platform that allows people to practice and work on increasing their coding skills. They offer challenges that you can enter to try your best to win. The more you play, the better you get at coding

HackerRank is trying to build a community that is full of the best hackers, programmers and entrepreneurs that combine their knowledge to help solve problems. 


New Conext was there to let people know that their company has the personnel to help keep your companies data safe and sound. New Context has a highly skilled team that will work with your current team to help make sure that all your data is safe and not being tampered with. They also help your team set up system to automate tasks leaving your team with more time to work on other tasks.


FWD.us was at the event to talk about their new Immigration Reform Platform. They want to use the power of tech and social media to help push policies and make a change in the world.

They are founded by quite a few high profile tech CEO’s. One of the most notable is Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. FWD.us is aiming to have policies created to use the power of the United States working class to keep the economy going and educating people at the same time.


TalentBin uses the power of peoples online presence to help you find the right candidate. They pull in aggregate data from social networks and blogs where your future possible candidates are already posting and engaging with others.

Once you find some great candidates, TalentBin uses it’s employee cross reference technology to help you make a connection with these newly found people. 


RiseSmart is taking a different approach to helping you find a job. They tend to focus more on the transition aspect of finding a new job. Did you get recently get laid off and need help to transition into a new job? This is where RiseSmart will help you exceed. They can coach you and provide you with the right tools to develop the right skills to help you transition into your next career.