July 10th, 2014 Pitchforce


On Thursday July 10th, 2014, OLC attended a PitchForce event in San Francisco. A handful of companies present to a panel of judges where they receive real time feedback and a potential in person second meeting with an investor.


Simone, was present to talk about ArtCorgi which is an online service that allows people and brands to get great designs made for a decent price. ArtCorgi is a two way platform. There are the people and or brands looking for work to be made and then the artists who are there to make the creative work.

Most art is made digitally and the end user is given a high quality digital copy. If you are a brand and are looking for material, you can work out a deal with the artist with how you intend to display, sell the designed made from ArtCorgi.


Cognetik is a soon to be iOS app that allows you to truly understand you next marketing move. Cognetik is an app that wants to help you cut through all your e-commerce web traffic and show you the data that really matters to your company.

They also have an iQ feature that can nearly replace a web analyst. Cognetik claims you can [almost] fire your web analyst if you had one as their platform can show you the data it would take them hours to sort out.


Founder of Era81, Satyendra Kumar was at Pitchforce to talk about his latest venture. Era81 is a designer marketplace based on crowdsourced information. How it works is, Era81 will get in touch with designers and they will present an idea they’d like to create and then they let the people decide what they like best.

From there, they let the best ideas get listed and the crowd selects what they would be willing to pay for these goods. After a certain amount of time the average is taken from this and the item is made and then sold at the price voted by the users. It is a 100% truly crowdsourced e-commerce site.


Emerson Valiao, CEO of Flipcause was there to present his pitch. Flipcause is a new way for nonprofits to raise more money while having to spend less to do it. They have an easy solution widget that can be placed on any website with hardly any technical assistance.

After the widget is installed the end user can click on it from the website and be given choices of how much they’d like to donate or other things they can do to help out. 


Invi is a new and cooler way to SMS with your friends. Currently SMS apps only allow you to take actions within the app. If another app needs to be launched you are forced to leave the conversation.

With Invi who partners with a few select apps, you can Tweet, share YouTube videos and photos all within the Invi app and never have to leave the conversation.

Invi is available now for both iOS and Android phones.


Pavel Cherkashin, Chief Trouble Maker at Minutta was at PitchForce to talk about Minutta. The app is not currently available, and hush-hush, the app wants people to share more photos and less words. As it says on their website, share your photos, tell your story.

Minutta will launching for iOS in the spring of 2014. Stay tuned.


Lucas Matheson, CEO and Co-Founder of Pinshape was ready to tell us about his venture. While there are plenty of places to buy toys online, Pinshape is taking the approach of the popularity of 3D printing. Artists from all over the world can create and publish their creations and allow people to buy these great pieces of 3D art from the Pinshape website.

To step the game up even more, it’s not just toys the artists are making, there is jewelry and even some garments such as corsets you can purchase. Pinshape is currently live and ready to be used.


Since activity trackers and health and fitness are becoming popular, Sensilk wants to jump in the game with their clothing that does the tracking for you. Sensilk makes clothing that has the power of most fitness trackers built into the clothing. This means you don’t have to wear anything on your wrist or carry it in your pocket.

They make a variety of different clothing for men and women. Sensilk is not available for purchase yet, but you can head over to their website and sign up.


Srikant Sharma, Founder and CEO was here to represent and help talk about ThinkSpider. If you work in a collaborative business, you surely have heard of and used Google Drive. ThinkSpider wants to take them on by providing another solution to working with teams, collaborating on docs and tasks.

ThinkSpider is targeting the enterprise market and is providing a seamless way to work with your teams. 


The PiP app is a cool new way to find and announce you’ve lost a pet. Social media can help these days but the creators of PiP have been working on facial recognition for animals for a few years now.

You can register your animal on PiP and send out an S.o.S if your pet ever goes missing. This sends out an amber alert to other users of the app in the area so they can help keep an eye out. The PiP team will also fax over some images of the lost pet to the local pet rescue businesses so they can keep a close eye out for the pet too.