July 17th, 2014 Fashion + Tech SF


On Thursday July 17th, 2014, OLC attended Fashion + Tech event in San Francisco. At this event a handful of startups that are targeting the fashion industry gave demos of their product or service to the crowd. 


Alexey Semeney, CEO and Co founder gave the pitch for AtContent. What Alexey is aiming to do is making blogging viral again, especially for the fashion blogs. What they have done is created a viral sharing button that when pressed it shares the blog to your own blog.

It shares it in your blogs current format and style guide. The original author still gets their credit for the original work as well.


Matthew went on stage to pitch about his project infrastructure Inc. What Infrastructure Inc has done is created a mobile app dedicated for helping the community give their feedback on what new infrastructures should be developed in that specific community. 

You browse your area and look at current projects and select what you’d like to see there. This information gets funneled back to the architects working on the project.


Tark went on stage to talk about Klippings app. Most of us like social feedback before buying things. This is what Klippings wants to help do but with your personal style.

You can snap a photo or upload the image from your library, each person has a personal profile where people can follow and read about your bio and also leave comments on the stuff you have posed.

You earn points by posting your opinions on others people’s images. 


Rachel Fishchbein is the founder of Law on the Runway. What Rachel and her startup do is help fashion startups with legal issues of online marketing.

While being involved in fashion or being a fashion blogger you use a lot of images and it’s important to know how you can use these images and how to protect your own images from others using them illegally.

Rachel can help your startup understand know how to do deal with copywriter issues. 


Firouzeh Lorzadeh is the Founder of Nifty, which is a new mobile app to help you with online shopping.

Shopping online is a challenge; standard sizing is not really standard sizing. This is a big issue when you order stuff online.

You can use the Nifty mobile app to scan you body and get size recommendations and if that product doesn’t seem like a good fit the app will not return any suggestions and you know buying the item might be risky. Nifty aims to work with more brands to get their app capable with the brands sizing charts.


Seth from Targeting Mantra came on stage to talk about his startup.

Current online shopping experience can be poor. When you go to a website to purchase some clothing and I click on a jacket, I want to see items that are similar or compliment the item I’m currently looking at.

Targeting Mantra knows what kind of stuff you look at on a website and provide better items that the user might want to buy. More relevant offerings can increase the amount of items people purchase when on your website.