July 21st, 2014 Casual Connect Social Gaming Even


On Monday, July 21, 2014 OLC centered attended Casual Connect Social Gaming Event in San Francisco. It was a meetup where different kinds of game developers got to show off their newest creation.


Cameron Petty, CEO, of Undead Overload created a PC zombie game. You were able to attack and infect people and have them move around in a starcraft type of way. There were levels and you have to complete missions to move on to the next level. You rank by your time and points earned.


CEO & Founder, Albert Kim was there to talk about Double Me. Which is a service that helps create 3rd virtual models of people. The process of doing this is very complex and they are making it easy to do and accessible. 


Jason Macrae, the creator and and independent game developer was showing off his iPad app called Stryker, a first person shooting football game. You take the view of the player and try and score creating a different perspective.


Aditya Dayal, CEO & Founder, was there to show and talk about the Live Action Cricket Table. We’ve all seen tabletop games before, but not cricket. It was a two person game, a pitcher and batter. The game has sensors all over it to notify the game of certain runs. There was also tablet that showed all the game stats.


Christine Hoang, who does PR & Marketing was there to talk about Gamma Void. Gamma Void is a space shooting game. The tricky part is, when you want to upgrade your ship, physics come into play. When you put on a bigger gun, you’ll want to make sure you counteract the weight for the other side of the ship and don’t forget to give it more boost power as well.