July 21st, 2014 The Magic Touch: Haptic Feedback


On Monday, July 21st, OLC attended “The Magic Touch Haptic Feedback for Natural User Interfaces.” Held at WeWork Labs at 69 Charlton Street in New York City, co-organizers Ken Lonyai and Debra Benkler are Founders of NUI Central for the Natural User Interface community in New York City. 

Dr. Katherine J. Kuchenbecker, Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering in Applied Mechanics and Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania, shared her findings from long-term research combining science and sense of touch to improve upon task-based haptic interface engineering. Her presentation explored Penn Haptics Group’s research around 1) haptic texture rendering, 2) touch feedback for robotic surgery, and 3) motion guidance for rehabilitation. Heahter Culbertson, a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics spoke of her research at GRASP Laboratory and improvements she has made over four years on textures of physical interactions.