July 22nd, 2014 A Summer does of culture at #Culturefix


On Tuesday, July 22nd, OLC attended #StartupFix: Summer Round up held in the basement of Lower East Side art gallery Culturefix at 9 Clinton St. New York. 

Co-organizers Ksenia and Britton led the event featuring up and coming startups in the art and culture space. Below is a brief rundown:

Farmivore (www.farmivore.com)

Ever crave a fresh door to door delivery of your favorite juice? Farmivore takes care of the planning, shopping, measurements, and delivery. 

Teller (www.teller.com)

Imagine if Instagram and WhatsApp had a baby. Teller allows you and your friends to capture and share photos and text in a single app.

Pyrus (www.pyrus.com)

Want to slim down your email inbox? Pyrus allows you to do that through task-oriented communication.