July 24th, 2013 BK Tech Meetup - Philly Startups


On July 24, 2013, several great companies from Philadelphia, PA such as RJ Metrics, Artisan, and Curulate, presented their companies at BK Tech’s Meetup.
RJ Metrics
Chris Merrick, director of product from RJ Metrics was first to present the data-driven company and their business philosophy. RJ Metrics believe in the power of datadriven decisions that help produce more positive and desirable outcomes. They build software that helps online companies aggregate data to help improve businesses and allow them to make better decisions with data. By aggregating, filtering, analyzing and understanding data, RJ Metrics distills this data to an understandable stream of information for companies to make a decision.  RJ Metrics currently works with more than 150 clients, several being Fab.com, Hootsuite, Nomorerack, and Threadless.
Based in Philadelphia, Artisan is a mobile experience management service. It provides clients with a comprehensive platform and a quick and easy implementation when updating an app. Clients are able to update and modify the layout of an app without coding, submit it to the app store only once, while also being able to modify, test and deploy the new user-interface in real-time—all while users are proactively updated at the same time. With Artisan, companies are able to see different variations of an interface of their app in action and see the effect on users. Artisan’s goal is to help companies deliver the best experience for their customers and maximize their ROM (Return on Mobile). In the upcoming month, Artisan will be providing their clients with the use of analytics and new screens to personalize their app content and also allow them to collect every button tap, gesture, and page view. Since their launch in February 2013, Artisan has already worked with more than 125 companies, including several fortune 500 companies.
Curulate is an image-centric platform that applies advanced image analytics to social media conversations in order to understand what consumers are currently talking about. Since 70% of social media actions today involve an image, Curulate is helping to bridge the divide between this heavy image content in our social media and the ability to measure the content. While consumers are communicating via these images, Curulate uses image recognition algorithms to analyze images down to the last pixel. With this sophisticated use of analytics, Curulate is able to help companies tie engagement to individual images instead of relying on keywords or URLs. When consumers pin and post an image to Pinterest or Instagram, brands can now measure the level of engagement of the pinned or posted product. This visual approach also sees twice as much brand engagement as any other approach while tying in what consumers are saying pre- and post-purchase.