July 30th, 2013 Huge Demo Night: Recommendation E-Commerce

On Tuesday, July 30, 2013, OLC attended Huge Demo Night: Recommendation ECommerce featuring Grand St. and Notorious. Trunq Show was to be part of the presentation, but they were unable to make it this particular evening. The e-commerce platforms were building multichannel commerce spaces and the evening kicked off with Notorious presenting first.
Notorious debuted at Huge, presenting its app for the very first time. They are building a marketing model where stylists interact with users to develop their own style. It’s fashionable advice at your fingertips. 
Stylists charge for advice; that is, they charge per question. The fee is based on the reputation of the stylist and a real-time feed allows for quick and easy updates on what is happening within the app. Users can favorite stylists, making it easy for them to ask the stylists questions again, considering their sense of style is preferred. 
A messaging feature is incorporated into the app where pictures can be attached for the stylists (or user) to look and understand the question in depth. When users ask questions for stylists, the stylists can accept or reject the question. If accepted, they both get up to five interactions before it ends automatically. 
Grand St. is a marketplace for creative technology. At Huge, they debuted their Android app. To create their app, the two-man developer team at Grand St. looked at the native OS market and concluded that Android was far easier to disrupt than iOS. Because the Android marketplace has no special ecommerce app, Kun Luo and Joe Lallouz focused on it. 
Luo and Lallouz looked at Gilt’s iOS app for the iPad and iPhone and compared it to the Android app. “It wasn’t as good as the iOS app,” Luo said. “The Android version is basically a reformatted website.” For Grand St., this was their chance to tackle the lack of a cohesive, beautiful, UI-friendly app for Android.
To them, there were three things to consider before moving forward. The first was the screen variety. They had to make flexible layouts. Second was that pictures are faster than words. So they decided to make pictures as big as possible. And third, focus on the action bar. On the Android, the action bar is where most of the activity takes place.
Grand St. is all about content and visual images. They let their photos do the talking to minimize noise and interactions. With Google Wallet recently being incorporated into the app, conversion rate has increased. 
Adhering is aesthetic values, the team placed graphics at the top and set text below the image. The picture remains static, but the text can flow top to bottom with minimal interaction.