July 30th, 2014 Innovations in Clean Energy at the Urban Future Labs


On Wednesday, July 30th, OLC attended New York City’s Internet of Things (IoT) gathering at the Urban Future Lab led by Executive Director, Micah Kotch. Wednesday’s event was held at 15 Metrotech Center in Brooklyn, New York. The audience toured Urban Future’s space with city views followed by presentations in clean energy. The event was organized by Mitchell Golner and was made possible by sponsor IndieGogo for pizza and drinks.

Evan Cohen, Community Manager at IndieGogo led the night with welcome remarks and an introduction to the benefits of crowdfunding creative ideas. Three startups in the clean energy space presented the evening including Radiator Labs, ThinkEco, and Keen Home.

Radiator Labs (www.radiatorlabs.com)

Converting old cast-iron radiators into “precision heating machines,” Radiator Labs provides a patented technology, efficiency in operations transforming steam heat into a better solution.

ThinkEco (www.thinkeco.com)

ThinkEco is an IoT platform and patented technology using algorithms to enable cloud-based energy efficient and connected home applications. 

Keen Home (http://www.keenhome.io)

Keen Home offers IoT solutions for a smart home. They have created the Keen Home Smart Vent that rids your home of cold and hot spots, allowing you to save on energy in heating and cooling with an elegant app.

Interested in a physical or virtual workspace? Learn more by visiting: www.urbanfuturelab.com.