July 31st, 2014 Angels Pitch and Tech Crawl


On 7/31 Thursday evening, OfficeLeaseCenter.com attended Angels Pitch and Tech Crawl at Founders Space on 450 Townsend Street, San Francisco. The Meetup, organized by LA based Angel Launch, provided a chance for business and tech professionals to get visibility in the SF community, meet investors, launch their product, practice their pitch, and recruit talent.

A panel of Angels and VCs kicked off the Meetup by forecasting investing trends, among the speakers were:

Jonas Landström, Investment Director and Head of Americas, Volvo Group Venture Capital

Robert Tillman, CEO, RRT Partners, Angel investor

Joe Jasin, Managing Partner, DNA Ventures

Eros Resmini, Partner, 9 Plus

Elisa del Gaudio, Sr Associate, Acero Capital

Salil Pradhan, Partner, DraperNexus

Among the many topics addressed, one of the biggest takeaways for the tech enthusiasts was “scalability was not quite an issue when looking for Angel or VC moneys”. The panel highly recommended that entrepreneurs not to worry about “scaling” problem during the early stages because “scaling” does not necessarily help the startups to bring traction in the early stage. What’s more important is to prove to the investors and VCs that your company or product attracts happy customers, chases after a potential market, and/or has a line up of strategic partners. “Scaling”, in VCs’ eyes, is only a type or resources; instead, the VCs really care more about the CEO’s philosophy, vision, mission, goal, and integrity.

The Meetup was then followed by venture pitches of 10 startups:

1.     CarOneOne – A free online car shopping tool that helps consumers easily manage their car shopping

2.     Artemis by Sense6 – Smart jewelry for personal safety

3.     FWD.us – Make immigration reform a reality

4.     Musical Health Technologies – A family-run startups that employs music therapists, musicians, engineers, designers, writers, strategists, sales people and technologists in order to create and distribute easy-to-use yet sophisticated software that enables musical experiences for people who are typically excluded from music-making activities

5.     Mobiplex – A mobile sports performance technology startup with a mission to revolutionize the way we learn, teach and enjoy sports. Their product provides real-time, remote coaching platform that connects coaches and students using wireless, mobile and cloud-based technology

6.     SalesIntel – The crowd-sourced intelligence marketplace for sales professionals to connect, source and share insights. They provide a single platform to exchange and access insights, network, and find prospects and partners

7.     Whiz Maps – They combine the most up-to-date local monthly demographic and economic data information with real estate property data to deliver the most advanced information available to real estate professionals

8.     Fotor / Everimaging - Utilizing cloud computing to provide a suite of image processing tools ranging from basic cropping to HDR processing, Fotor has made professional-level photo editing accessible to everyday users through a clean, intuitive interface and workflow

9.     THRE3D – A startup with a mission to make 3D printing so easy it becomes second nature, like using a deskjet printer or an iPad

10.  Ifpro.co - Industry Forecast Project has a mission to help networks and production companies unlock the full potential of data by providing a database (Tentpole) with meaning and intuition, and the tools to compare and understand the pieces of information


About Angel Launch Venture Forums and Programs:

Angel Launch is a new brand created by the producers of iHollywood Forum. For 11 years, they have produced programs in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and during trade shows such as NAB, CES, GDC, E3 EXPO,  NATPE, or CTIA.  The sessions address key topics facing entrepreneurs in business and tech ventures.  Each program has a panel discussion and dinner for networking and small group discussion.

iHollywood Forum, Inc. based in Los Angeles, was founded in 2001 by Zahava Stroud. Their cutting-edge conferences consider topics such as online music and film, mobile entertainment, IPTV, digital cinema, games, interactivity in television, marketing and advertising, and much more. The conferences offer diverse opinions on the most compelling issues facing the industry, with a particular emphasis on discussing the viability of new business models.